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A Prayer for Stressed Out Moms This Summer

A Prayer for Stressed Out Moms This Summer

To all the moms who are furiously juggling a multi-colored Excel document of appointments, camps, vacations, work schedules, BBQs, parties and other obligations, who feel like summer has become busier than the school year, and dream of walking into to see the “Back to School” displays which will officially start the countdown until the first day of school…

To mothers everywhere who loathe the idea of “beach days,” with the washing of sand from every body crevice, and the ensuing anxiety due to fear of sinking, sunstroke and sharks, but who do it anyway, because the kids really love it. That, and all the swimming and running around in the heat of the day promise an early and relatively easy bedtime…

To the mom who gave up trying to maintain a schedule weeks ago, who is going broke feeding all the neighborhood kids, and who is currently stalling at dinner prep while secretly wondering if the children will notice if you serve them grilled cheese again, (the answer is yes they will notice, and no they won't care; they will probably love you even more)…

To every mom who feels guilty about signing up for multiple VBS programs this summer, but is now enjoying a quiet moment to run errands, prep dinner, or speed clean the house (okay, so maybe not such a relaxing moment), or maybe you didn’t sign them up for anything and each night you cry to your husband because your best friend told you that she went to the nail salon, enjoyed a coffee date, finished a huge amount of work, and painted something beautiful this week... and you just want to choke her because she was smart enough to pay the money and now enjoys hours of quiet time— this prayer is for you:

May you have clarity of thought and a morsel of sanity today. May you know that His grace is enough. For every season, every tantrum, every question, every failure. It is enough. Always.

May you know that you are wildly loved by your Father, just as you are. Not because of what you accomplished today, or didn't. Or how you feel about God at this moment, or whether you complained, or spent time reading your bible, or messed up in the worst way, or celebrated a victory. He adores you, just because. 

And with of this knowledge, may you feel empowered to love your children the same way. The way God asks you to, the way your kids deserve, and the way you want to.

May you feel equipped to tackle every challenge, every situation, and every day with courage and joy even if you have to "start over" 10 times by 9 a.m. 

May excitement fill your heart every morning for all that the day can be. Your children are your treasure, and this day is a gift-- may you fully embrace it all. 

May you lay your head down at night with a heart that is bursting and memories too plentiful to count. May you know unspeakable joy at the end of the day.

May you recognize that though these days are so (so, so, so, so) long, the years are short. They are a breath. And as you exhale yours in the darkness of the night, may your cup overflow with thanksgiving. May your dreams be sweet and your sleep be restful. 

Sleep well, Momma, knowing that the work you are doing is good, and your Father is smiling on you. 

Malinda Fuller and her husband Alex have served at several churches and para-church organizations in the U.S. and Canada for over a decade. Malinda wields truth and grace through the words on her blog and has also contributed content for Relevant, Thrive Moms and The Influence Network. Malinda and Alex currently reside in Southern California, where they are homeschooling their daughters, working in ministry and trying to not complain about the continuous sunshine.

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