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5 Faith-Sabotaging Thoughts

5 Faith-Sabotaging Thoughts

How do you stand firm in battle when you're just angry? When you feel misunderstood? Alone?

How do you stand strong when it seems God has left you behind? When your prayers - still haven't been answered?

I don't have all the answers. But, I will say I've been there, in shoes that ask these very questions, often. I've gone through various health, mental, financial and relational issues like it was my 24/7 business. And I can tell you, nearly every time I threw my arms up, huffed a huff and slammed my foot on the floor in frustration. Hmph! 

Life isn't always easy. I just lost a person to cancer that I've been praying for. Really praying for. Deeply praying for.

What happened there, God, anyway?

Why didn't you...?
How come...?

We can't understand all the things God understands. We also can't count our timing as better than His. Or, our action plans higher than His goals.

We see from an earthly standpoint; He sees from a heavenly one. We see the lay of the land, on earth, with trees, cars, and agendas blocking our way. He sees our world top-down with a visual-view of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

He's got thousands different people colliding together, pushing forward mini-goals of love and releasing concurrent glory in just the right way, on just the right day. These people then go out and reach millions. Yet, we see the one person we're upset about and can't stop thinking about them. We don't know all the strings God is pulling to orchestrate world-changing love.

Why do we judge God so much?

I'm tired of judging God - and others. I am letting go of my judgements and assumptions today. Will you join me?

These 5-thoughts injure us more than they help us; they keep us from God's love and breakthrough.

Today, chose to let go of these 5-Faith Sabotaging Thoughts:

1. God is too late.

2. He is upset at me.

3. I am not worthy (I haven't earned) His love or care.

4. God is busy helping other people, who have needs far greater than mine.

5. I am unseen and/or unloved by God.

If God is BIG and He is all the omni's - omnipotent, omnipresent and omni-always - then who am I, in my limited capacity to question Him?

It's better to get on the same page as God, rather than to try to write my own story of what He is doing - or not doing. He's not - off playing the harp again in heaven!

Jesus has me. He died for me. He chose me. He wants me. God has a plan for my life. I may not understand it. I may not have written it exactly the same way. But, I can trust God's story is the best one.

God is not far; God is with me - and you. 

No longer do all the subconscious lies have to take rule over God's truth. No longer does what busyness we've become accustomed to - have to keep us from freedom, life, and purpose. 

We can become Battle Ready. We can face the worst and stand strong in trust, believing: God has plans for our best.

We can train our mind to conquer challenges, defeat doubt and live victoriously. We can seize God's Word not only in our mind but also in our heart.

We can trust God's show of glory. We can lean not on our own understanding. We can trust Him who is unseen far more than the mayhem that is seen. We can discover perseverance and defeat our persistent doubt.

God is not abandoning me - or you. He has the whole world in His hands. Jesus reigns, rules and rescues. We can trust in God, completely.

Kelly Balarie is the author of the book, Battle Ready: Train your Mind to Conquer Challenges, Defeat Doubt and Live Victoriously

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Kelly Balarie, an author and national speaker, is on a mission to encourage others not to give up. Through times of extreme testing, Kelly believes there is hope for every woman. She shares this hope on her blog, Purposeful Faith, and on many writing publications such as Relevant, Crosswalk, and Today's Christian Woman. Kelly's work has been featured on The Today Show, 700 Club Interactive, Moody Radio and other television and radio broadcasts.

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