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5 Christians Who Prove the Gospel Belongs on TikTok

  • Dolores Smyth Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer
  • Updated Nov 23, 2020
5 Christians Who Prove the Gospel Belongs on TikTok

TikTok has become a social networking giant since bursting onto the international social media scene in 2017.

Thus far in 2020, TikTok reigns as one of the most downloaded apps, with the majority of its users falling squarely within Generation Z. 

If you’re not familiar with the video-sharing app, TikTok is a social network on which users create and share one-minute or shorter videos. The content of these videos ranges from serious to silly to inspirational, and the videos generally feature the creators dancing, lip-synching, or simply talking. 

Despite its popularity, TikTok has had its share of controversy.

Experts argue over the app’s questionable privacy standards, and parents worry about the types of videos their children are posting of themselves online. 

While lawmakers debate the possible ban of TikTok from U.S. app stores, one surprising use for the platform has emerged amid the fiery debate—Christians have been using the platform to spread the Good News and bring others closer to Christ. 

Here’s a look at 5 Christian influencers who are showcasing the Gospel truth in their own unique way on TikTok.  

1. Collin LaBrosse

@collinlabrosse, 469K+ Followers

LaBrosse is a young man on fire for Christ. In his charismatic spoken messages and musical videos, LaBrosse speaks truth to those gripped with belief and unbelief alike. LaBrosse uplifts viewers with a Bible verse of the day and with videos in which he prays for the viewer. 

This Christian TikToker also offers motivating tips for defeating self-condemnation as well as moments of weakness. LaBrosse also addresses certain segments of his viewership when he urges men to honor women and when he challenges today’s screen-obsessed youth to put their phones down and sit in the presence of God

Some of LaBrosse’s videos strike a more sobering tone when touching upon such topics as the very real possibility of eternal damnation and what priority you give Jesus in your life. LaBrosse also gets candid about his prior battle with substance abuse and pornography, and assures the viewer that if God can restore him and use him to spread God’s message of love, then God can do the same for others.

In a nod to this country’s current events, LaBrosse also reminds viewers that God is the Leader of leaders and sits on the throne, no matter who sits in the Oval Office.

man and woman smiling at cell phone looking at social media InstagramPhoto Credit: ©GettyImages/Wavebreakmedia

2. Hillary Caitlyn

@whatsuphill, 304K+ Followers 

This Christian influencer offers a variety of content that runs a little longer than the videos of other people on this list. Caitlyn posts about such things as the importance of embracing your identity in Christ rather than rooting your self-worth in worldly success. 

She also advises her audience to promote brotherly love by learning to listen more than you talk, and offers her viewers some comforting prayers. This TikToker further gives tips on how to deal with the “emotional traffic jams” that may leave you feeling like you’re not going anywhere in life. 

Caitlyn also wisely suggests that her fans start a prayer journal to help direct their thoughts upward. In a display of raw emotion, Caitlyn also offers viewers her heartfelt confession on her decision to give her life to Christ.

This influencer speaks on the beauty of human diversity, sings a stirring worship song that will give you goosebumps, and declares that Christians do (and should) see skin color. Caitlyn also sprinkles in more light-hearted segments about such things as amusing children's prayers.

3. Ki.Alexis

@Ki.Alexis, 171K+ Followers

This young Christian woman posts joyous and reassuring videos for when your faith wavers, when you're struggling to resist the world’s temptations, and when you need assurance that it’s okay to embrace your walk with God at whatever stage it’s in.

Alexis dives into the topic of mental health with an emotional clip in which she perceptively tells her viewers to make time to care for their mental well-being because having peace and happiness in life matters. In a practical video for Christians who may be new to Bible study, Alexis helps those viewers understand what Bible study is in a video examining a Psalm, with notes of the TikToker’s meditations seen written in the Bible’s margins.

This Christian content creator also gives her viewers a more light-hearted look at Christianity with a list of funny Christian memes, some lively words on God’s love for His people, and a clip in which viewers can learn a popular TikTok dance to a Christian song.

In addition, Alexis discusses how Satan manipulates people through clothing, and calls upon her viewers to honor God through the way they dress. To this end, Alexis herself sells Christian apparel.

three friends laughing at TikTok video on cell phonePhoto Credit: ©GettyImages/DMEPhotography

4. Abby_was_bored

@abby_was_bored, 159K+ Followers

This college-aged Christian TikToker posts from her dorm room and appeals to a younger Christian audience who understands her many references to the Veggie Tales movies. Abby vividly acquaints young Christians with Biblical characters through clips in which she acts out what those characters said, did, or may have been thinking, all set to contemporary songs and movie sound bytes. 

In one of Abby’s more serious and beautifully crafted point of view videos, she portrays Mary Magdalene from her introduction in Scripture to her visit to Jesus’s empty tomb. This faith content creator also posts on how our Father can turn a perceived curse in our lives into a blessing.

Abby also posts quick and humorous answers to very relatable questions, such as doubts about God’s love for us, whether to continue dating an unbeliever, and how to overcome judging others.

In a post referencing TikTok’s potential ban, Abby assures other Christian content creators that their job isn’t to serve TikTok but to serve the Lord.

She ends the video by promising that God has a plan and that, no matter the platform, all Christian creators’ voices will be heard again.

5. Hunter Wallace

@hdoublew, 51K+ Followers

Wallace’s short profile bio says everything you need to know about this 19-year-old’s outlook on life. It reads: “Jesus is a cool guy.” Through brief, amusing snippets, Wallace promotes abstinence before marriage and encourages viewers to use their time being single as time to better themselves and grow in their faith in God. 

Wallace is also an avid fan of Bible study, especially for couples who are in the beginning stages of a relationship. Importantly, this college student urges viewers to look to God for happiness instead of looking to drugs and alcohol.

This Christian influencer also posts longer videos tackling more complex issues for Christians. For example, Wallace discusses whether homosexuality is a sin and cites Scripture in advocating hate for the sin and love for the sinner. 

Wallace further gives words of support and perseverance to viewers who seek God but don’t feel His presence in their lives. Last, Wallace offers solidarity with other Christians who say grace publicly in restaurants.

TikTok is increasingly popular with young audiences who are, oftentimes, the people most in need of hearing about God’s love for them. As in any field where you seek to help those in the most need, you have to meet people where they are. The above Christian influencers know that—and are passionately using their talents to bring Jesus to those young masses on TikTok.

Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/jacoblund

Dolores Smyth is a nationally published faith and parenting writer. She draws inspiration for her writing from everyday life. Connect with her over Twitter @byDoloresSmyth.