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Who Would the Samaritan Woman be Today?

  • Misty Honnold Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer
  • Updated Jun 25, 2019
Who Would the Samaritan Woman be Today?

Years ago as I pondered this poor soul we know as the Samaritan woman, I thought “this is who I am,” rejected, abandoned, full of shame, and longing for a drink of living water, but not even knowing what it was I longed for. 

As the years passed and my faith in Christ grew, I distanced myself from this needy woman of the Bible, oftentimes looking through the religious glasses I had put on to label others as the ones who needed this drink.  

Then in church a few weeks ago, we meditated on the verses of Jesus’ encounter with this woman from John 4. As I reflected on the plight of this woman, I began to wonder if in my religious zeal I had become like the disciples who wondered why Jesus would talk to such a woman. I looked with fresh eyes at the characteristics of this woman and instead of shunning her, I thought, “Lord, I want to be like her!” 

Who is the Samaritan Woman?

She struggled with shame, which is evident by the time of the day she journeyed to the well. Biblical scholars tell us that the well was the gathering place for the women of the town, to share the latest news at the cool parts of the day. She came in the hottest part of the day, to avoid the accusing glances and harsh words. 

Over and over, Jesus comes to the weak and broken. Why would I want to be strong and self-sufficient? In my weakness He is made strong.

Lord, let me realize my weakness and my need for a Savior day after day.

She knew the rules, but wasn’t necessarily a rule follower. When Jesus asked her for a drink of water her response was, “How is it that You, being a Jew, ask me for a drink since I am a Samaritan woman?” She questioned Jesus’ request because Jews didn’t address Samaritans and men did not speak publically to women. 

Lord, help me not to be so caught up in rules that I would miss you. 

She was weary. Perhaps the broken relationships had taken their toll on her. “Give me this water and I will never have to come here again.” She would have gladly given up her long treks to the well in the heat of the day.  

Lord, when you present me with life-giving water, let me respond with exuberance and longing desire. Let me say YES… Give me what I long for. 

She was curious. Look at all of the questions she asks: “WHERE do you get this living water? HOW can you offer better water? DO you think you are greater? We have heard the old saying “curiosity killed the cat.” I have come to learn that the Lord loves inquiring minds. He tells us to ASK, SEEK, and KNOCK. Jesus wants to be known. 

Lord, help me know what questions to ask and give me the courage to always ask… like a child. 

She is honest. “I have no husband.” It would have been easy for her to make up a story about her husband being dead or unavailable but she didn’t. 

Lord, when confronted with the truth of my own depravity, let me be quick to be honest with you and not try to hide. 

She seeks truth. She was trying to find out from the One she perceived to be a prophet where the correct place of worship was. 

Lord, help me to not be afraid to ask questions and search out truth… my search for truth will always lead to you because you are the TRUTH. 

She had an encounter with Jesus. All of her questions and persistence led her to come face to face with the Living God. 

Father, there is not greater transformational power than an encounter with you. Let my weariness, my thirst, my longing for truth always bring me face to face with YOU. 

She unashamedly invited others to know Jesus. Many were transformed by her testimony. 

Let the Word of my testimony have power to draw others out to meet you!  

Nearly all of us are the Samaritan woman. Weary from the countless times we have been rejected, hiding in certain areas because of shame, thirsty for living water, oftentimes we come to the well of religion, the well of an empty relationship, the well of work and striving in the heat of the day, hoping others won’t see or recognize us. We come with our water jug to get the water we thirst for. 

Like the Samaritan Woman, we are thirsty. Many of us are looking for our religious system to fill us, but it is only an encounter with the Messiah that can satisfy. And not any Messiah, the One we meet is weary too. Jesus is the One who identifies with us in our weakness and meets us at our hour of need. Perhaps like the Samaritan woman, we need only acknowledge our place of brokenness, that place where we are attempting find satisfaction: “I have no husband.” 

Take time to look at the Samaritan woman inside yourself this week. Jesus has paused to wait on you, to give you living water. Let Him give you His water today. 

Misty Honnold is the Founder and Director of the non-profit organization The Single MOM KC.  Misty equips, trains and empowers women to discover the source of their strength in Christ. She publishes a weekly blog on the website The Single MOM KC as well as freelances for other publications. She is working on her first book to be published in 2016; an autobiographical teaching of the Song of Solomon.

Publication date: August 16, 2016

Photo Credit: Pixabay