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Battling The Big Questions

  • 2005 8 Apr
Battling The Big Questions

I know from my own mother that every home schooling parent has his or her own set of fears. Often these fears are over the same several, common issues, what I like to refer to as "The Big Questions". They came in many different forms and various styles of wording, but the bottom line is always the same. You might have asked these questions in the back of your mind at some point during your child's education, particularly when you saw more red marks on the quiz you were grading then you would have preferred.

These questions might sound something like this: "What if my child isn't getting the education he/she deserves?" "What if I'm not smart enough to be doing this?" "What if my children don't get into a good college?" "Am I doing all I can to prepare them for the world ahead?" "Is this really God's will for my family?" "If my kid gets a bad grade, is it my fault for not explaining the material better?" "Am I crazy for even trying this?"

Let me assure you, as a graduated home schooled student, that you're not crazy! My mother and I have been there, and we survived! There are many ways to answer the questions that plague your mind. There are many different responses and remarks that I could tell you, comments that I could make pertaining to each individual insecurity, but I feel the bottom line is much more important and significant for both you and your home schooled student. That bottom line is so simple, yet incredibly huge. It's all in the fact that God is sufficient.

"I know that," you might huff, hoping you were going to receive some more specific reassurances. But do you really? When you lean over your child's shoulder, hovering nervously to see which box he might check or which word she might write, what goes through your mind? "God is sufficient", or one of the many questions listed above? When you cringe as you mark a big red "D-" on the page of your student's test paper, do you worry about your capability as a teacher? As a mother or father? Or even as a person?

Home schooling is a challenge for both students and parents. The family makes huge sacrifices in order to home school but the rewards far outweigh the cost! Your child might not realize that fact until they are grown and matured, but rest assured, they will realize the price that you paid for them.

It takes a lot of courage (and money!) to home school, but it also takes a lot of faith. It takes believing that you are being obedient to God's call upon your life and clinging to the fact that you have been led down a narrow path, a path that leads to a purer, more righteous lifestyle that honors God. Without that faith and assurance in God's will, you will be tormented by a relentless assault of questions and insecurities that will no doubt hinder your ability as a teacher and a parent.

The next time that you feel incapable or unsure, get alone with God. Allow Him to reassure you that nothing is impossible with Him! In God's strength, you can do it. In God's timing, your child will understand the material presented to him or her. In God's Plan, your child will become all they are destined to be. So, back away a little bit from their desk, and give your child some room. Allow your student the chance to develop and grow in knowledge and in truth. If you strive to be an example to them in faith and trust in God and His sovereign guidance, it will be a lesson that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Betsy St. Amant resides in northern Louisiana with her newly wed husband, Brandon. She is currently attending Louisiana Baptist University with a major in Christian Communications and is actively pursuing a career in inspirational writing. You can contact her at