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But I Don't Have Time to Read!

  • Dr. Jeff Myers Author, professor, and conference speaker
  • Published Oct 08, 2001
But I Don't Have Time to Read!
Let me emphasize the importance of reading. David Noebel says, "If you want to be a leader, you've got to be a reader." Knowledge is power. People won't follow leaders who don't know anything.

An Example From Communism
Even evil leaders recognize that to be effective you must "study to show yourself approved."

Douglas Hyde, in his book Dedication and Leadership, revealed how Communists gained tremendous influence because of their desire to study and be the best.

Permit me to quote a lengthy but challenging passage.

"It is true that you will find the occasional Communist student who gets so carried away by his Communism, gives so much time to political activity, that he fails all his examinations.

"This is not viewed with approval by the Party. Indeed, he is likely to be called to account for it. His Party group leader is likely to tell him: 'You work very hard for the cause, and we are very grateful to you for what you have done. But you would have done a better job for Communism if you had passed your examinations instead of failing them.

"'You would be more likely to carry conviction amongst your fellow students. More important, you would be more effective later on...'

"Once the student has grasped this point, his studies become more meaningful. They cease to be just a wearisome necessity and become a form of activity for the cause. If he finds them hard or distasteful, then this is a sacrifice he is making. Such an approach to his studies tends to make him more successful in them."

When I first read this passage, I felt convicted; I had been a lazy, half-hearted student. I now understand that my success in the cause DEPENDS on my ability to learn.

You've Got to Be a Reader
You already knew this, didn't you? But you're asking, "How can I find time to read and study with all of my pressing obligations?"

I have a solution. Audiotapes! Here's why:

1. You can listen to tapes in the car. The average American drives 20,000 miles a year. Considering both city and highway driving, this is approximately 500 hours per year of missed learning opportunity! For perspective, consider this: the average college course is 45 hours of class time. Over the course of your career, you could gain the equivalent of FIVE doctoral degrees, just by listening while driving, which you have to do anyway!

2. You can listen to tapes while exercising. Buy a $15 cassette player with headphones and listen to tapes while walking, mowing the lawn, or riding an exercise bike.

3. You can listen to tapes while performing simple tasks. I like to listen to tapes while working on our house or doing chores that dont require mental concentration.

Where To Get Great Information On Tape
Here are six of my favorite sources for audiotapes:

1. Mars Hill Audio. Ken Myers (no relation) is one of the smartest people I have ever come across for helping broaden your understanding of the Christian worldview. Myers reads all of the books that you and I ought to read and interviews the authors for his Audio Journal. I listen to it IMMEDIATELY when I receive it every two months. Go to

2. R. C. Sproul. I have bought so many tapes from this excellent teacher that his donor department thinks I'm rich! One series, The Consequences of Ideas, traces the history of ideas from a biblical worldview. Absolutely awesome! Go to

3. Great Courses on Tape. The best teachers from top universities bring fascinating courses on everything from the history of the Bible to Shakespeare. These professors
come from various worldviews, but there's a lot of gold here. Go to

4. Audio Book Company. You can select from several thousand titles, ranging from current fiction to the classics. What a great way to catch up on all the books you know you ought to read. Go to

5. Blackstone Audio. Don't have the bucks to buy tapes? Rent them! This company rents several thousand sets, sending them in the mail along with return packaging and postage. Go to

6. Your Public Library. Our excellent local library carries hundreds of audio programs which we check out for free. Ask your public library about their collection.

Why not bookmark these sites right now and commit to listening to at least one or two audiotapes a week as a starting point. It will energize your inspirational gift and give you a strong sense of satisfaction because of your wise use of time.

Place your order for Douglas Hyde's Dedication and Leadership right now for only $9.95 (including shipping and a free audiotape, The Columbine Shooting). It's only 150 pages, but a riveting, easy read. Go to's Bookstore.

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