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Mike, Should I Home School Again?

  • Mike Farris, Esq. President of Patrick Henry College
  • 2003 22 Oct
Mike, Should I Home School Again?
From: Doe of Midlothian, VA

Dear Mike,

I home schooled my children for two years and then sent them back to public school. I have a son in third grade who is 10 and daughter 7 who is in 1st. My dilemma? Do I take them out and home school them once again next year?

While the bombing incidents did not help, I am continually perplexed by the fact that my children go to school at a place where God can not be taught. The biblical principal that our nation was founded on is no longer there and its not going to change. My son has been begging me since January to bring him back home, but their public school experience has been wonderful considering they walked into two wonderful teachers going back in.

I wrestle with the fact that Christmas is "snuffed" out during the winter party, the Jewish symbols can be displayed all over the school but not the nativity. My son is starting to be immersed in evolutionism, which we have taught him is a fat lie. He calls the bluff. :o)

My daughter is getting a worldview and hearing things that are inappropriate I think for 7-year-old girls to be saying and doing. If I were not to home school? It would be out of fear. That I couldn't do it, couldn't perform. What if I have a bad day and they see that? I worry a lot about what people think! I shouldn't thats a sin!

I sometimes miss our days of home schooling. I miss my children being with me. But is that selfish? My husband is very supportive of me home schooling, which is more than I can say for a lot of my friends who home school. Please, I(we) need some advice. I am stuck. Blessings.

From: Mike

Dear Doe,

I think you should home school next year. But you expected me to say that. The important thing is my reasoning. Here is why I make this recommendation.

1. You are experiencing in your own family the results of what happens when God is excluded from our children's education. Romans 1:28 warns that where "they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind to do what ought not to be done." The consequences of a system that excludes the knowledge of God include murder, hating God, and disobedience toward parents.

You daughter is being exposed to inappropriate knowledge and values. You son is being immersed in evolution. If you remove your children on the basis of these kinds of issues, this has nothing to do with fear (except perhaps a healthy fear of the Lord). I believe we are commanded by God to protect our children from such influences.

2. You may have found a couple of wonderful teachers this year. But wonderful teachers are scarce. Moreover, they have their hands tied by the system. They cannot teach your children the knowledge of God. They must teach the textbooks which include evolution. Good teachers can limit the damage, but they cannot give your children the affirmative Christian values your children need.

3. You may have a bad day. You may have more than one bad day. You need to walk in the confidence that everyoneincluding public school teachershave bad days. Rather than being a detriment to your children, seeing you have a bad day is one of the best spiritual opportunities your children will ever have. They not only see the bad day, they get to see you repent of it and make it right to them (hopefully later that same day but tomorrow at the latest). Your children will see your bad days just because you are a parent. When you are also their teacher there is more opportunity for modeling the mature Christian life in front of them in a way that will keep you growing and give them the benefit of true discipleship.

I hope this helps you decide.


Mike Farris