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He Gives Sweet Sleep

  • 2007 12 Nov
He Gives Sweet Sleep

My meditations on Scripture took me to Psalm 127 recently. The Scripture reads. "While they sleep, he provides for those he loves." (NIV with footnote)

Several years ago, I was single with two little girls. The LORD helped me to recall the evening routine I had back then. I made sure that their school clothes were clean and in order. I checked their snack packs for clutter and replaced the old plastic bags with fresh ones stocked full of healthy goodies. Then, I moved on to the paperwork. Occasionally, teachers would send home permission slips. These slips meant a new adventure was about to take place. 

The LORD began to slowly walk me through the corresponding work that He does while I am sleeping. He showed me that just as I love my children - - even though I am not a perfect being - - He also loves His children with a fierce, unconditional love far beyond my comprehension. In expressing that love, He had a "nightly routine" also.

First, He had done my laundry. He had prepared for me a "designer original", a spiritual garment of praise. (Isaiah 61) He had supplied outfits of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Colossians 3). He offered me a daily exchange of my emotional and spiritual garment which was worn, wrinkled and spotty for His garment of praise which is perfectly prepared. 

Then, He showed me how I rummaged through the girls' snack packs. He brought to mind how He lovingly provides for us. David declared that he had never seen a righteous man forsaken of the LORD nor his children begging bread. (Psalm 37:25) What a legacy! Even when times are tough, we can count on the LORD's provision.

That lead me to the final aspect He showed me: permission slips. The LORD showed me that the Holy Spirit was my teacher in life. (I Corinthians 2:13) I pondered how the Holy Spirit might go to the Father asking for permission to take me on my next adventure. And what a picture: the Father would sign them! He would place His stamp of approval and provision for me to continue on the journey toward my destiny. Jeremiah 29:11 says that the LORD knows the thoughts, the plans that He has toward each of us. Even David marvels at this when he meditates "What is man that thou are mindful of him?" (Psalm 8:4) The LORD thinks of us!

When we yield our steps to Him, He leads us to our destiny. He leads us to Himself and in His presence is fullness of joy! The quote comes from a portion of Psalm 16:11 reading in its entirety: "You will show me the path of life, in your presence is fullness of joy; At your right hand are pleasures forevermore!" The word "forevermore" is defined as "Properly: a goal. Specifically: the bright object at a distance traveled towards, hence splendor, or truthfulness or confidence or as an adverb, continually." What a wonderful "field trip" - - aimed toward Him, traveling toward His bright light!

So, tonight as you lay down to sleep, take comfort in knowing that the LORD is busy working all things together for good (Romans 8:28). He is checking your "laundry", clearing the clutter in your "backpack" and He is granting permission for your next adventure which will lead you to Him! 


Sandra Gilmore and her husband, Tom, live in Alabama with their two teenage daughters. The family will be visiting Europe for a temporary but long term assignment for the end of year 2007. Her first calling from the LORD is to nurture. Sandra finds nurturing opportunities in home schooling their two daughters, coaching management clients and encouraging other ladies. Visit for more about Sandra's background and ministry.