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A New Ministry Partnership

  • David and Laurie Callihan Authors
  • 2001 25 Jun
A New Ministry Partnership
      Those of you who have followed our ministry to home-schooling families over the last year or more know about our desire to aid parents in your very important role of directing the education of your children.  We have recently begun to forge an exciting new partnership that we think will help many families.  It is a relationship with Focus On The Family to assist public, private and home-schooling parents in learning ways to better educate their children, as well as in practical daily life.   

     As workshop and conference speakers, we have been blessed by the responses that we have received all across the country, in Canada, and even overseas, from parents who are finding ways to educate their children that they have not thought about before.  This has nothing to do with brilliance.  It is more a matter of trial and error.  When you’ve home schooled for over two decades, it is easy to see that there are many opportunities to try and try again.  When it worked, we kept notes (at least in our heads).  Over time we had a lot of ideas. 

     Our book, The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School:  A Parent’s Guide for Preparing Homeschool Students for College or Career, contains 19 chapters and many appendices to assist in getting our children prepared for life, whether through college, career, ministry directions, military, or a trade.  We have provided this book because we saw a lack of easy-to-read ideas and practical solutions to go along with the vast curriculum resources that home-schooling parents can access at state curriculum fairs, conventions and other sources.   

     And now we are very honored and thrilled to report that we have gained the endorsement and promotion of our book through two Web sites at Focus On The Family.  This well-respected family-advocate organization has been a wonderful source for thousands, indeed millions, of families, not only in America but throughout the world.  Now we will be providing columns there regularly.  We are also blessed to have the endorsement of this premiere family advocate organization of our book, and by default, of Dr. James Dobson’s ministry.  

     You might like to know that David recently had the privilege to visit the facilities at Focus On The Family’s headquarters.  It is an amazing ministry center.  Nearly 2,000 people work tirelessly to promote ways to minister to families by presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ and restoring stability to homes all across our land and around the world.  One of the incredible facts that he learned during the brief visit is that the radio ministries of Focus On The Family impact over 600 million people on a weekly basis throughout the world!  You read that right.  That’s 600 followed by six digits or one-tenth of the world’s people!  It is indeed a privilege to be endorsed by a ministry of this magnitude.  We are indeed honored. 

     We are being asked to provide information to two Focus On The Family Web sites that we want to encourage you to make part of your regular review.  These are the Parents Place (www.family.org/pplace) and Husbands and Wives (www.family.org/married) Web sites.  Not only to read our columns, but for the vast amount of other information available, we encourage you to peruse this wonderful Web site (www.family.org) and glean its pages for information to help you build up your family.  

     Over the months, we plan to provide many articles to help couples and parents do a better job at simply living life.  Perhaps our anecdotes and the examples of things we have done in our family will help you through this column, as they have in our Crosswalk.com columns.  Our goal is ministry, to your family and to our new contacts.   

     We hope we write out of practical experience, not just theory.  This is sometimes hard to do because it involves vulnerability.  When we write from our experience, we have a risk of sharing intimate things.  But the rewards might be worth it if others can learn and gain help.   

     Add www.family.org to your Web favorites too.  We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.   

     It is a unique opportunity to minister that we will not take lightly.  For those of you who haven’t seen or used our book, you can learn more on our Web site, www.davidandlaurie.com. 

      See you online (again)!

The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School: A Parent's Guide to Preparing Home School Students for College or Career To order a copy or see what else David and Laurie are up to, go to their web site at davidandlaurie.com. You can chat with David and Laurie live every Saturday night in HomeSchool Chat!


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