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Lessons From India

  • Zan Tyler Editor of the HomeSchool Channel
  • 2002 18 Jul
Lessons From India

Dear Friend: The article this week is from a home-schooling mother in India. I would love to connect with more of our international readers. Do you live in a country other than the United States? Do you know missionaries who home school in other lands? Do you know of other international home schoolers? Please send me your stories, or at the very least your location. We are truly an international family—pilgrims traveling to the same Celestial City, regardless of our geographic point of origin. My e-mail address is—Zan Tyler, Senior Education Editor for


In the midst of a difficult week, I received this letter from a dear sister in Christ who resides in India. Both her words and her life encouraged me. Please forgive the personal references to me, but I wanted to preserve her entire e-mail intact. The home-schooling family is truly international in its scope. More importantly than geography, we have an immediate and unshakable bond in Christ and what He has called us to do in our homes. May the words of my new friend Alice encourage you and refresh you as they did me.

Dear Zan,

May the Lord bless you ever so abundantly for being ever so sensitive to His leading when you write the introduction to the HS weekly update newsletter!!!

I am so blessed by your writing! The Lord always speaks so wonderfully to my exact need that often I am in tears even before I click on the links to read the articles!!

Let me tell you more about my self. My name is Alice and I am from Mumbai (previously Bombay) India. My husband Rajesh and I are home schooling both our daughters, ages four and six.

Home schooling is practically unknown in Mumbai. As far as I know there are only 6 families in the whole of this city home schooling their children. But God has been good. And according to His word which He gave me from Isaiah 54:13, He has been teaching our kids in the most wonderful way I cannot even imagine. His requirement of me was that I be a tool in His hand and He would do the rest. Isaiah 54:13 says, “All your sons will be taught of the Lord; and the well-being of your sons will be great.”

I had wanted to reply to your article on whether to home school again for the next year. Our pastor and his wife Anne have been home schooling their children from 1984. I think they were the first home schoolers in our city!! They did it just to stand for their convictions. It was Anne who counseled me to wait on God for a word before setting out on home schooling. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be home schooling because I believed that it was for people like Anne who are so gifted and organized. Now I know otherwise…. His strength is being made perfect in my weakness. So my advice to new home schoolers and those wondering whether to continue is wait on God and don’t move till you hear from Him.

When He does give it to you that word becomes your anchor when you hit the rough seas. This has been our experience. When assailed by doubts about my ability, when the evil one magnifies all my shortcomings before me, it is Isaiah 54:13 which I cling to and brandish in his face. I also believe that as Christian parents home schooling is the very best we can give our children!!

I know you must be a very busy lady so I won’t take any more of your time. I would like to end by thanking you and all at for the wonderful work that you are doing. The Lord is using your articles to reach across continents and minister to people like me whom you don’t even know (and may never even meet till heaven) from cultures and backgrounds that are so different from yours!

My special thanks to Terri Camp and Debra Bell for sharing straight from their hearts and their lives to touch and help revive my flagging spirits and morale.

God bless you all again and it’s a pleasure to read your articles.

Your sister in Christ,


Alice is a home-schooling mother from India. Zan Tyler is the senior education editor for, and the home-schooling mother of three.