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The Path Home

  • Terri Camp Home school author and mother
  • 2002 11 Jul
The Path Home

Imagine you are standing at the top of a tall stairway.  Suddenly behind you, with tremendous force blows a mighty wind.  Grasping the railing, you try desperately to hold onto it.  The force is so strong, however, you feel yourself falling down the stairs.  First one, then another.  As you continue your fall, you reach out, searching for anything to grasp, just to stop yourself from propelling to the bottom.  Nothing holds you back.  Faster and faster you fall.

That’s often how it feels when a new ministry area presents itself.  I’ve recently experienced "the great fall."

Innocently the new ministry began.  In fact, I wasn’t even thinking, "What ministry can I begin today?"  I simply went to a Web site to listen to a radio broadcast on line.  There was an innocent little button on the side bar which said something like, "Have an idea for a radio show?  Click here!" 

Before I knew it, click.  As I began exploring the options of an online radio show,  a dear friend suggested checking out a Christian site,  I loved the idea that all of their content is Christian.  Even though I was pretty certain the costs would be too high, and that they wouldn’t want me anyway, I sent an inquiry to them.

That’s when the wind began to blow and I began to fall down the stairs.
The more people I talked with, the more right it seemed.  Even my husband was one hundred percent for the idea.  He’s always a good gauge for me when it comes to ideas coming to fruition.

I began searching and couldn’t find anything like a weekly, online radio broadcast for home schoolers. 

Steve decided we could make the investment it would require to get the new ministry started, with the hopes that some sponsors would come on board to help alleviate the burden it would place on us.  So far that part hasn’t happened, but I’m confident God will, in His timing, cushion the fall with just what we need. Or perhaps he will teach us to enjoy beans and rice!

We chose for our new ministry the verses, "In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:6

"Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day." Psalm 25:4-5

"Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path." Psalm 119:105

Every step I fall, the Lord seems to teach me and instruct me.  One thing He has made so clear is that in every area of ministry there are many people who He uses to bring forth His will. While sharing my vision for this new ministry to home schoolers in the home-school chat room, j-bearmama (AKA Heather) came up with the name, The Path Home.

Additionally, many "experts" in the field, as well as home-school moms in the trenches, have offered their services.

A new magazine, This Old Schoolhouse, has even offered several free subscriptions to be given away.  You can participate in the contest to win a free subscription by going to the Web site.

Beginning the August 5, The Path Home will air for the first time. It will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from sea to shining sea.

Even as I write this I continue to feel as if I’m falling rapidly down the steep staircase.  But I know when I land on the floor; I’ll hit it running!

The topic for the first show is going to be "Why Would I Want to Educate My Children at Home?"  I will be interviewing the former New York State Teacher of the Year John Taylor Gatto.  John also wrote the books Dumbing Us Down, and The Underground History of American Education. 

In addition, I will be sharing reviews of products available to the home-school community, as well as reading aloud, for the pleasure of your children.

To see the rest of our lineup for August, check out our new Web site,

I would love to have feedback from our community.  Perhaps you would like to share in this ministry with a donation, or maybe you have an idea for a topic.  I would also love to hear your ideas for different guests that I should interview.  My vision is not for this to become the Terri Camp Show, but for this to be a true ministry to those who have sacrificed to educate their children at home.

If you have any comments, please send them to