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Top 10 Most Popular Homeschool Articles in 2005

  • Fred Alberti Social Media Director
  • 2006 4 Jan
Top 10 Most Popular Homeschool Articles in 2005

Why Homeschool Teens?
By Elizabeth Smith

When our children reach the high school years, we begin to question whether homeschooling can really provide them with what they need--spiritually, socially, and academically. But homeschooling is effective in high school for the same reasons it is effective in the younger grades. As a matter of fact, homeschooling in high school can yield great dividends in the life of your teen.
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Are You Encouraging Your Child's Dreams?
By Tonya Ruiz

"Yuck!" I screamed as I pulled a handful of waterlogged caterpillars from the washing machine. Four-year-old Zachary came running and looked at the slimy carcasses in my hand. "You killed my caterpillars?"
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Traditions that Bring Christ Home - Part 2
By Paula Moldenhauer

As Christmas draws near, many families look for ways to focus on Jesus and His selfless giving to the world. By integrating traditions of service and worship into their holiday season, these families seek to help their children see beyond commercialism into the heart of Christ. Learn how you can get past the commercialism and get to the heart of Christmas in this last part of our two part series.
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Meeting Our Children's Spiritual Needs
By Jenefer Igarashi

Much to my horror, when one of my sons was two, he had a nasty habit of drinking from the toilet. This was his solution to his thirst. It's like that with a lot of things when you have children. If there is a need, they're going to fill it.
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Homeschooling at the Crossroads
By Lori M. Henry

Homeschooling hit a crossroads. One sign read "Rock," another read "Hard Place," and the other "Monolith Straight Ahead". Public school wasn't an option for us. Private school was too expensive. Homeschooling was making us miserable...
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When Our Idea of "Best" Isn't God's Plan
By Kelly Midkiff

Learning disabilities like dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD are as real and tangible as any physical handicap and can be just as debilitating. Learn about one families experience in raising a child with special needs...
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Motherhood: A Blessed Vocation
By Jenefer Igarashi

You know "her." She strolls by your frazzled family with perfect hair, a stunning, unwrinkled suit -- and no screaming children. She seems so "free." It's easy to believe that you have sold yourself short if you have given your life to God and to your family. But this is not the case...
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Dr. Phil Questions Educating Teens At Home
By Zan Tyler

In a recent show, Dr. Phil spoke out on homeschooling throwing his support behind educating children at home through grade eight. However, he questioned the wisdom of continuing that education through high school. Get the facts on the success of homeschooling through highschool.
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Use Valentine's Day To Teach God's Love
By Andrea Chevalier

Valentine's Day is a great time to teach your children Bible lessons on all the ways God loves us and how we are to return that love both to Him and to others. Consider some of these great verses and hands-on activities that you can use to teach your children some awesome Biblical truths that will change their lives...
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#1 Most Popular Homeschool Article in 2005
Guilt Of A Homeschool Mom
By Paula Moldenhauer

I told myself, "If I were a good mother, my children wouldn't talk back, bicker, or be angry." Good mothers had better discipline. Good mothers had more patience. Good mothers had done a better job in the early years and their post-preschool children were always obedient and kind—And of course a good mother could go to bed with a clean kitchen...
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