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Show Gratitude for Your Spouse

  • Pam Farrel 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband
  • Updated Nov 23, 2011
Show Gratitude for Your Spouse

In my new book, 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband: Put a Smile on His Face, my friend K!mberly shares how picking up a pen helped her create a Thanksgiving attitude all year and fashion a long lasting love:

I love keeping a handwritten journal. . . . exhausted after one too many international moves   . . .  I found myself having less and less on my mind that I wanted to write down and let anyone, even if it's just me, remember. The handwritten journal turned into one long chronicle of a pity party. Among other physical issues, I  . . . was diagnosed with depression. 

One of the antidotes for this was starting an exercise of "choosing joy." I bought myself a little week at a glance calendar and made a pact with myself that everyday I’d write only the highlight, or even multiple highlights, of each day.  . . . I want to remember the good. I’m sticking in the business card from the nail shop where a friend took me for my birthday manicure; the theatre or movie ticket from a night I got out of the house . . . ; the rare note from my 12 year old son that says “you are awesome.” It’s becoming a little treasure book. . . .  God has new things for me.  Scripture says his mercies are new every morning. With this joy journal, I’m keeping track of it.

Buy a small calendar and begin keeping track of the good things God sends along your path. Dr. Robert A. Emmons in his book Thanks! shares the results of a study that shows just being grateful raises your happiness level by 25%. Your grandma’s wisdom to “count your many blessings” is a key element in finding and keeping joy and happiness. Here are a few more ideas that will cultivate an attitude of appreciation for your life:

  • Count the blessing of your man. Do as the Psalmist: List off the best traits of your guy from A to Z. Or for each year you have been married, recount a highlight.
  • Go on a praise walk with your family and thank God for each thing you see that you value—including your family.
  • Give each child at the table a bowl of candy corn and ask them to name something they are thankful for before they eat the candy corn piece.

Plan this November for next Thanksgiving morning.  Plan now to take your husband out and share your joy journal with him — or husbands, keep a running list of your blessings to share with your wife. A year of being positive is a wonderful way to wow!  

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