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A Call to Working Moms: How Do You Do It?

  • Elisabeth K. Corcoran Moments for Mom
  • Published Feb 23, 2007
A Call to Working Moms: How Do You Do It?

I have turned into one of those women. One of those working mothers. The kind I used to judge, to be really honest. The kind that were too tired or didn’t have enough time to attend women’s ministry events that I had spent so much time putting together. I am her. I have worked part-time at my church since my son started kindergarten….he’s in third grade now. I have worked on two books and built up my speaking ministry during those past few years as well. So you’d think I’d be used to this pace. But it hasn’t been until this past month, when my job took on a slightly different tone, that I’ve felt like one of those crazed women.

And I find myself struggling with doing it all. Every night I’m preparing a crock pot meal and I’m packing lunches and I’m figuring out what the kids and I will wear the next day. And every morning I get up before it’s even light out and I exercise, eat breakfast, get ready, and have a quiet time with a cup of green tea. And then I hit the ground running as soon as I drop my kids off at school and pretty much stay on the go until I pick them up. Then we struggle through the homework hour, sit down for dinner and I start the whole thing over again. And you know what? I’m really tired. But my struggle lies in this – I am not doing a ridiculous number of extra-curricular activities. I am not a woman without boundaries, who hesitates saying no. So I have little to nothing to take out of my life that isn’t pretty much a necessity.

I keep thinking that God has given me all the time, energy, and talents to get done everything he wants me to get done in my lifetime, in each day even. And that I don’t have to do anything more than what he wants me to do. But I can’t imagine that this crazy pace is the peaceful, rest-filled, joy-filled life he had in mind for me. There’s no way.

So, moms, I’m coming to you this month not with answers or advice or even all that poignant a thought. I’m coming to you FOR advice. I’ve been praying for wisdom. I’ve been relentless with letting go of my expectations to be the woman who can "do it all". I’ve asked my husband for help. Did I mention that I’m praying? And now, I’d love to hear from you. If you work outside the home and juggle home, marriage, parenting and friendships as well – please tell me your secrets at Share your wisdom with me…what do you let go of? What do you ask for help about? What kind of pep talk do you give yourself? What kind of prayers do you pray? And maybe next month, I’ll pass along all your tips! Until then, I’m going to take a nap…

(c) Elisabeth K. Corcoran, 2007

Elisabeth Corcoran is the author of In Search of Calm: Renewal for a Mother’s Heart (2005) and Calm in My Chaos: Encouragement for a Mom’s Weary Soul (2001). She is wife to Kevin, and mom to Sara, 10, and Jack, 8-&-1/2. Her passion is encouraging women and the Church which she fulfills through serving in leadership on staff part-time at Christ Community Church – Blackberry Creek Campus in Aurora, Illinois, and writing and speaking as much as she can. In Search of Calm can be purchased through Xulon at #1.866.909.2665 or; Calm in My Chaos can be purchased at #1-888-644-0500 or; or they are both available at, or ordered through your local Christian bookstore. You can learn more about Elisabeth and her ministry at