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The Best Decision a Dad Can Make

  • Bill Farrel Contributor
  • 2011 3 Jun
The Best Decision a Dad Can Make

This year, a majority of my time has been spent speaking for men because of the release of my new book, 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make.  Much of my year I have been speaking for Promise Keepers Canada. Thousands of men come together to be encouraged and equipped because in the heart of every man is the desire to make the best decisions possible so his life and the lives of those he loves are improved.

In addition to men’s groups, I minister alongside Pam speaking for couples, and those men long to make decisions to enhance their love lives. Furthermore, I have three sons that I love helping become all God planned for them to be, and this year has been packed with numerous decisions on their plates as they lay a strong foundation for their lives and futures. 

However, there is nothing quite like spending time with young kids. They have an innocence and freshness about life that inspires me about the important things of life. Sometimes parking ourselves in the lives of our kids and grandkids, we learn something from God as we see life from this fresh perspective. For example, both of my granddaughters have a treasured possession-- a blankie. They each gain great comfort from this treasure, protect it with great intensity and turn to it when they need to renew their strength. For my oldest, it is a white. For my youngest, it is pink. Whenever they are tired or stressed, they reach for their blanket and all of life seems okay for a little while.

Now, I have no intention of finding my own blanket to bring comfort to my life but I was reminded by these youngsters that something in my life should be this important to me. Recently, I read this same thought 1 Kings 6:6  King Solomon was in the process of building the temple. He believed this was the place where God would reside when He visited the nation of Israel. In order to make God’s house different than every other dwelling in the nation, Solomon, “made offset ledges around the outside of the temple so that nothing would be inserted into the temple walls.”

Other buildings could have decorations attached to the outside of their walls but not the temple. Other structures could have common elements added to them but not the temple. It was too important to be made common.

I have been asking myself, “What is it in my life that is more important than everything else? What do I value enough to take care of with extra attention?” I concluded that my family relationships and my Bible are my two most precious “possessions.” They deserve extra attention and they are what I turn to in times of stress or fatigue.

Dad, what is your prized possession? Invest your heart, time, and money there. Mom and kids, show Dad he is your prized possession, a gift from God to you and your family!

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