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Changing the Schedule

  • Dan Seaborn
  • 2002 27 Oct
Changing the Schedule

It was then that I took the opportunity to tell him about my desire to teach and train my children in the ways of God.

He shared with me this story. When his daughter was just a teenager, she won the leading role in her school play. He was so excited to think of his daughter on the stage and in the lights. His excitement quickly vanished after glancing at his calendar and realizing he had a commitment the same evening as opening night. It was a commitment that had been planned two years in advance. He had to decide what mattered most. In this case, he felt the school play deserved priority. After several phone calls and some rearranging of his schedule, he was free to attend the opening night. That evening, he called his daughter in and shared how he had been able to change his schedule so he could be at her first performance.

The gentleman began to cry as he told me how she put her arms around his neck. I will always remember his next statement. He said, "As I reflect back, that moment changed our relationship. My daughter saw her significance in my life."

How is it with your family? Do they know the priority they are in your life? Let's examine some ways you can do a self-check to see where you are.

First, look at your date book or calendar. How much time do you or have you spent investing, teaching or just hanging out with your family? If you are weak here, block some time to take this area to a new level.

Second, have someone hold you accountable to improve in strategic areas with your family. For example, I have my accountability partner ask me these questions:
1) Have you raised your voice at your children this week?
2) Have you spoken unkindly to your wife?
These are areas I know I need to grow in and I depend on the help of an honest friend along the way.

Third, pray for God's wisdom in knowing what activities should get on or off your calendar. You are the only one who can control this area of your life, and-I can tell you from personal experience-you need to take control.

Development in this area of your family will help your spouse and children understand the value you place on their life.