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I Cried a Tear

  • Dan Seaborn
  • Updated Jun 28, 2004
I Cried a Tear

Disney pictures tear me up now. Maybe it's because I don't expose myself to many movies, but the result of watching those animated flicks is always the same. I usually cry five or six times during the film and my children say, "Dad, what's wrong?" I respond with sputtered words about how touching it is and how it reminds me of my own childhood. Those animators and writers know how to get at my inner emotions!

I cry when I listen to elderly people talk about their memories. A gentleman in our church, fondly known as Grandpa Gary, shared his wonderful eighty-two years of life with his family. He told about the joy of his children and recalled their toddler days. We gathered around and were touched by his tears as he stressed the importance of training kids up to follow Christ. We laughed at some of the experiences and changes he had faced over the years. The fact that he once owned the prominent gas station in town and was a successful businessman didn't matter. In his own words, "These children God allows me to love are all that really matter." His words struck a sensitive chord in my own heart. I cried openly as Grandpa Gary continued recalling memories of his life and building memories in mine.

Christ himself wept openly. His emotion came from memories of His dear friend and godly brother Lazarus. He also was touched by the love He saw in Mary and the other mourners. In this moment, overcome with emotion, Jesus was not ashamed to let His tears be seen.

I want my children to see me cry. God has given me the ability to express my joys and sorrows through this channel. My three-year-old daughter comes to me during my tears and asks, "Daddy, can I brush your tears away?" I let her, and then she gently hugs me. I want her to know I'm a softy…because Christ has helped me become that way. I remember when I couldn't cry because I thought men and boys shouldn't show their emotions. How thankful I am God has given me the ability to cry... even in front of my children.

Make sure you talk to your children about the value of being able to cry and how helpful it is emotionally for us to be able to cry through our joys and our sorrows.