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The Happy Meal

  • 2004 3 Jan
The Happy Meal

They have an intrinsic ability to detect toys and food close by. And what's with this happy meal stuff? That's a euphemism. Our children fight over who got the green toy and which one is bigger. They hardly even notice there is food in the bag.

Let me tell you what a happy meal is. It's when the whole family sits around the table and shares highlights of the day. It's the mixed laughter of parents and children as we enjoy this time spent together. It's the squeals that erupt when someone drops a chicken leg on the floor and we all scramble to tackle the dog as he runs away with his prize.

Christ talks about a meal like this in Luke 22:16. Here He shares about a time when we will all gather with Him for a meal in the kingdom of God.

Can't you picture that event? We will sit at the table with Christ our Savior and ask Him all the questions that have been burning inside us for so many years. We'll chat with Noah about the ark and ask Daniel about the lion's den. And there will be no end to the joy we will share.

I remember the words of a great hymn. "What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see. When I look upon His face, the One who saved me by His grace."

In the process of preparing this happy meal we will one day share with Christ Himself, it's important that our own mealtime in the home be fun and enjoyable. Think of some things you might be able to do that would be a good starter point for conversations. Then apply those little principles and ideas while the family is sharing dinner together. It's pretty common in our home for me to ask, "What was the highlight of your day and what was the lowlight of your day?" Sometimes we deal with some pretty low lows and have to work through those, but we also celebrate the positive things that our family experiences. You and your mealtime can become a wonderful teaching time for your children. The key is to make sure that yours isn't a home where mealtime becomes drudgery but rather a time of celebration.