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Loving the Man Kind

  • David Jeremiah
  • 2004 2 Jun
Loving the Man Kind

How did God make the first woman? "Adam's side was opened and she was taken out," according to one little boy who told his mom, "I have a side ache. I think I'm having a wife." Women--daughters, sisters, wives, mothers--can powerfully impact the "man kind." A woman committed to God's divine plan can change men's hearts for eternity.

Dad's the first man in daughter's life. It's great when Christian dads understand the biblical principle of submission. "S" is for sweet spirit--not dominance. Learning "No" turns boys toward obedience to God. And, loving sacrifice for family.

If dad's a godly example, daughters won't have trouble honoring him. And, it's easier to submit to God. When your dad's a good model, say so.

Remember your heavenly Father's unconditional love if dad's a disappointment. Why? So you can honor an earthly father--who may not deserve it. Father's thrive and grow through the love of daughters.

Thank God for your brother. Brothers can be true friends and play a significant part in women's lives.

Moses' sister stuck by when God called him. She exemplified "Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves" (Romans 12:10). Her leadership and place in history were sealed by her filial loyalty.

Husbands need respect! Marriage can't survive wives don't respect husbands. Here's a true/false quiz to test your respect level.
___ I compliment my husband for who he is--not just what he does.
___ I never put him down in front of others, children.
___ I laugh at his jokes--no matter how old.
___ My actions show others I respect my husband.

Husbands need encouragement. Without my wife's encouragement, Turning Point might not exist. You may never know the importance of your words or how desperately your mate needs them. Be an encourager.

Husbands need attention. Don't take him for granted! Wake up. Don't wait for a crisis to realize how precious and important he is. Be warm, gentle, listen to him. Lavish praise and gratitude on him.

Boys need mothers. In a mother's eyes, a boy sees who he is and can become. She helps him formulate the kind of woman he wants to wed, encourages the softer side of his nature, teaches him unconditional acceptance--no wonder boys confide in their mothers.

Hannah and Mary (great mothers of the Bible) model inspiring relationships with their sons. Hannah's story tells us her boy Samuel "grew up in the presence of the Lord" (I Samuel 2:21). Jesus too "grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men" (Luke 2:52). These women gave their sons to God and became a vital part of human history through their sons.

Hannah prayed and turned her son's life over to the Lord. Mary's conflicts caused her to pray, praise, and trust--silently enduring what she couldn't change. Mary, Hannah, and Jochabed (Moses' mother), taught five biblical principles of successful mothers. Five Biblical Principles of Successful Mothers • Be a mother of faith. "By faith Moses' parents hid him for three months" (Hebrews 11:23).
• Don't be overprotective. Boys need to explore, play, and get dirty without mom hovering over them.
• Teach your child at home. Sunday school is not sufficient for spiritual growth.
• Teach children they're special. Kids need all the reinforcement they can get.
• Teach your son responsibility. Most boys aren't responsible by nature--but by training. Make lists, post deadlines, avoid nagging. If a job isn't satisfactory, have him repeat it.
• Show sons father has final authority. They'll learn to be strong leaders, secure in their masculinity. A boy is the only thing God can use to make a man.

As you love the men in your life, ladies, your family will enjoy identity, unity, intimacy. Don't you long for that? With God's help you can recognize your value, multiply your efforts, and share the blessings of God in every area of your life. With God's love you can change the world by loving the man kind.


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