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10 Most Popular Grandparenting Articles of 2019

10 Most Popular Grandparenting Articles of 2019

It was a great year for grandparenting here on Crosswalk!

To be fair, every year is a great year for grandparenting. To get to spread your love to the next generation, to care for and cuddle precious little ones, to get to impart your faith to your freshest family members…

But Grandparenting articles saw unprecedented interaction on Crosswalk this particular year, and our readers showed that they think this type of parenting truly is grand.  

Thanks to our enthusiastic readership, here are the 10 most popular Grandparenting articles of 2019.

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#10. <em>How to Pray for Wayward Grandchildren</em>, by May Patterson

#10. How to Pray for Wayward Grandchildren, by May Patterson

As unfortunate as it is that many grandparents can relate to this topic, wayward grandchildren are such an opportunity to put your faith in God’s redemptive power.

This article will build your faith through an amazing story of one grandmother who never gave up, as well as practical tips to stay the faithful course for your own grandkids. It ends with 7 helpful prayers for both you and the grandchildren you love so much.  

“Trust the Lord to do what you cannot do. No matter how good your intentions are, you can’t save anyone—even your precious grandchild. But you can trust the Savior to save, indeed.”

#9. 5 Things Never to Say to Your Grandchildren, by Kathryn Graves

Grandparents have raised their own children by now, so by the time it gets to grandkids, they should be experts—right? Unfortunately, not so much.

In the heat of the moment or out of some resentment in our own hearts, hurtful words can be said that are hard to take back and risk doing long-term damage not only to your relationship with your grandkids, but your grandkids themselves.

Harsh words about an ex-son-in-law after a divorce or comments or commends that degrade a grandchild’s worth are on the list of topics to avoid. This article will point you in the right direction, instead.

“…we need to remember that bad behavior does not equal a bad child.  Separating the behavior from our emotions helps us deal with it appropriately. Then we can express our love more easily—because unconditional love is what we as grandparents need to offer.”

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#8. <em>Spoiled Grandkids: 3 Common Causes and How to Avoid Them,</em> by Kendra Fletcher

#8. Spoiled Grandkids: 3 Common Causes and How to Avoid Them, by Kendra Fletcher

Out of love, out of golden intentions, out of just wanting a close relationship with your grandkids, spoiling can happen if grandparents aren’t careful. And as much as you love and adore your grandchildren, you want them to grow up well-adjusted and considerate of those around them.

What is great about this article is that if offers 3 remedies instead, based in biblical truth of God’s love and his desires for us.

“In an era where grandparents have taken an increasing role in the raising of their grandchildren, we have to ask ourselves if we are setting our grandkids up for a life in which they believe they are entitled because we’ve done everything but tell them so.”

#7. 8 Things Grandparents Do That Secretly Drive Parents Crazy, Amanda Idleman

It’s a common theme that grandparents, generally speaking, have the best of intentions. They want to love their children and their children’s children, they want to serve and be helpful all the time. But, as this article highlights, sometimes those intentions don’t stop grandparents from accidentally driving their kids crazy.

Focusing on 8 areas that grandparents may not be aware of, this article also graciously offers solutions to this disconnect, so every member of your family can get just what they need.

“Remember, all good things are best in moderation and you are there to support while Mom and Dad take the lead. As long as your goal is to love your people well, then you're doing your job!”

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#6. <em>10 Powerful Scripture Verses to Read to Your Grandchildren</em>, by Linda Gilden

#6. 10 Powerful Scripture Verses to Read to Your Grandchildren, by Linda Gilden

Reading to your grandkids is such a wonderful opportunity to bond and to instill wisdom into your little ones. The benefits of reading to your grandchildren on a regular basis are endless, especially if your reading material is the best book of all: the Bible.

This article not only gives 10 great scriptures to read to your grandkids, but how to apply this verse to real life as well.

“Reading is a good time to begin familiarizing grandchildren with biblical truth and planting seeds of God’s love in their hearts.”

#5. 4 Incredible Reasons to Pray for Our Grandchildren Daily, by Lillian Penner

What a gift it is to be able to spiritually advocate for our grandchildren. And praying for our grandkids isn’t just about our immediate kin, but the future generations as a whole.

This article offers powerful reminders not only why you should pray for your grandkids, but the amazing impact that it will have.

“We grandmothers can stand in the gap, praying for the spiritual, emotional, and physical protection of our precious grandchildren. We are not hopeless; we have a God who is “our refuge and strength, our stronghold in times of trouble” (Psa 46:1).

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#4. <em>10 Things Grandchildren Need to Hear</em>, by Rhonda Stoppe

#4. 10 Things Grandchildren Need to Hear, by Rhonda Stoppe

The world is constantly bombarding your grandchildren with negative ideas of who they are and who God is. Their schoolmates might mock them or their teachers might belittle them. To hear strong words of faith and love from their grandparents is life-changing.

Use these 10 phrases to guide your interactions with your grandkids and to instill God’s love deeply into their souls.

“You will bless your grandchildren if you teach them the secret to loving others deeply is not found in how well they measure up to your expectations, but in how well they love God. And let it begin with you.”

#3. 7 Scriptures That Show How Important Grandparents Are, by Jennifer Waddle

Sometimes we all need reminders that we are important in the roles we play. And thankfully, Scripture is chock full of reminders of how blessed others are to have you as grandparents.

Not only will this article encourage you, but its 7 prayers will inspire you to increase your faith in what God can do through grandparents everywhere.

“Let’s dive into a few Scriptures that offer beautiful words of affirmation about the aged—words that show just how important grandparents truly are.”

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#2.<em>&nbsp;5 Things You Can Do When You Feel Left Out as a Grandparent</em>, by Jennifer Waddle

#2. 5 Things You Can Do When You Feel Left Out as a Grandparent, by Jennifer Waddle

The popularity of this article shows how widely this topic resonates with grandparents everywhere. If you feel this way, you are certainly not alone!

The lives of your children and their children are hectic and sometimes, as much as grandparents want to be involved, their relationship can fall to the wayside.

Thankfully, this article offers loving and highly practical tips for how to connect with your family in deeper ways. It takes prayer, clear communication, and patience, but God can do it.

“There is nothing wrong with letting your kids know that you’d like to be included in your grandchildren’s lives. However, approach it with kindness and gentleness. Thank them for the ways in which they’ve already included you. Be specific about the things you’d like to be involved in.”

#1. 10 Reasons Your Grandkids Need You Just as Much as Their Parents, by DiAne Gates

Like #9, the popularity of this article speaks volumes to its relevancy among our readers. Even if you are not in a situation where you care for your grandchildren full-time, God’s plan for families still includes grandparents for as long as they can be.

Not only is there a place for you in God’s plan of the family, there is an integral place of prominence. This article will remind you of all the ways that God can use you and how to be there for your grandkids.

“But in this generation of crime and chaos, many grandparents find themselves thrust into this figure eight life cycle—parent to grandparent, to parent again. But isn’t that what families do? We circle the wagons and do what it takes to help our children and grandchildren fulfill God’s plan for their lives.”

And that concludes this amazing countdown. God taught grandparents everywhere so much in 2019. Putting these encouragements and tips into practice is sure to make 2020 even better!

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