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Prayers for the Mother-to-be: Feelings of Inadequacy

  • Angela Thomas
  • Published May 08, 2003
Prayers for the Mother-to-be:  Feelings of Inadequacy

Angela Thomas began journaling her prayers during her fourth pregnancy. And as her child developed inside, a book began to form in the pages of her journal—resulting in the birth of her first book shortly after the birth of her new daughter, AnnaGrace. Now a best-selling author signed to a multi-book contract with Thomas Nelson Publishers, Angela is delighted to see her first book re-released by her new publisher. An updated edition of Prayers for The Mother to Be hit shelves in late April, just in time for shoppers in search of Mother's Day gifts.

Prayers for The Mother to Be combines two powerful elements to create a uniquely intimate book for expectant mothers. First, Angela’s prayers are the real deal—heartfelt words she voiced to God as she prayed for her unborn child—expressing all the emotion and dreams of expectant mothers everywhere. 

Secondly, Angela’s prayers are based on scripture, with each prayer applying God’s Word to the experience of pregnancy or to her dreams for her little one. In this blend of authenticity and spiritual insight, readers will discover a welcome companion for one of the most exciting and emotional times of life.  Whether expecting her first child or her fifth, a mother will enjoy making her nine-month journey with Angela at her side.

Feelings of Inadequacy

Dear God of Abundance,

You know my fears even before I speak them, but still, I lay them before You. I am overwhelmed by how much I don't know, and I feel wholly inadequate for the task of parenting.

I have read the books and watched the videos until my mind is fuzzy from information overload. I'm not sure what's right. Do babies sleep on their backs or is it their sides? Should I nurse every three hours or on demand? Pacifier or no pacifier? Cloth or disposable? Strollers? Car seats? Bath time? Everyone has an incredibly detailed opinion.

I see moms who try too hard and stress out everyone around them. I fear that could be me-trying in vain to be a germ freak. A safety monitor. A nutritionist. A pseudo-pediatrician. A makeshift child psychologist. It's scary. In my inadequacy, I could become consumed with perfection for my baby. Please stop me before I start. I want to be a balanced mother, with peaceful children and a tranquil home. I know these things are by-products of grace and mercy and rest. I surrender all my misguided efforts and confess that I am totally dependent on You.

Speak deeply into my spirit; mentoring my decisions, teaching me to be a mother. I rest in Your assurance to provide beyond what I can give. I take heart in knowing that Your knowledge is complete. I can quit worrying because You promise to be what I can't. Because confidence is mine through Christ and because You are more than adequate in all things, I pray in Your great name. Amen.

Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God. -- 2 Corinthians 3:5 NASB


Used by permission.  Excerpted from Prayers for the Mother to Be by Angela Thomas (Thomas Nelson Publishers, Copyright 2003)
Angela Thomas is a best-selling author and mother of four.  Angela penned "Prayers for Mothers to Be" during the nine months preceding the birth of AnnaGrace, her fourth child.  The book, from which this article was excerpted, has been updated and re-issued by Thomas Nelson Publishers. Visit her website here for more on Angela's books and speaking engagements.