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3 Principles You Need to Create a Strong Family Brand

3 Principles You Need to Create a Strong Family Brand

What exactly is a family brand? As a Legacy coach who writes and consults on this topic, I’ve noticed most people are aware of the buzzword but have no clue what it actually means. Your family brand begins with a set of core values in which you make choices in all areas of your life. You portray characteristics that people form their opinions in what you stand for and what sets you apart from others.

Getting your brand “right” will help you write a legacy that will positively impact present relationships and future generations. How? Your family brand is a genuine expression of three important things:

1. Core Values. Your family core values define what you stand for and what you will stand up for and on. They are the five to eight non-negotiable fundamental foundations on which you as a family wish to build your lives and your reputation.  As you determine and walk out your core values you are communicating to the outside world who you are as a family and who you serve as a family. Joshua 24:15 says it clearly, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

2. Purpose Statement. Your family purpose statement defines the focus of your family; how you desire to live your lives, what things are priorities and what things you want to spend the majority of your time and effort doing. It is a statement of impact. How do you, as a family, wish to impact the world around you and what type of legacy do you wish to leave?

3. Vision. Your family vision provides you with direction as you move forward. Vision paints a picture in the mind that reflects where you want to go as a family unit. Your vision sets the limits and defines the boundaries of your success potential. It states this is how far we will go and this is what we will achieve!

Your family brand focuses your attention on the actions you need to take as well as setting boundaries on what things you should avoid. Defining who you are and what you stand for helps to better align the different actions and intentions of each family member. It creates for everyone a greater sense of purpose and a more cohesive and optimistic family unit. A family brand builds “an all for one and one for all mentality.” A strong family brand increases your influence. It expands your options and choices in life by communicating to others that you are a family with whom they desire to be associated.

As the New Year approaches you, like me, may find yourself evaluating your brand so to speak, looking at where you are and setting new goals or redefining who and where you want to be. Maybe you have never thought about establishing your family’s brand or defining what you desire your family name to represent. It’s never too late, now is the best time to get started.

Establishing your family brand is the first step in defining your family legacy. Why does it matter? It matters because; the impact of a family working together toward achieving a common goal is greater than the impact of an individual family member operating apart from their whole.

As you ring in 2015, make it your goal to become more intentional as you focus on your family brand and the impact it will have for generations to come. Cast a bold vision for your family and communicate the impact it can have within your family and on the lives of others. To receive a New Year’s gift from me and to find more helpful information on “righting” your family brand, please visit my website Happy New Year to you and yours!

Guy Hatcher: The Legacy Guy – is passionate about helping families plan their legacy. His new book, Your Future Reflection: How to Leave a Legacy Beyond Money, is available at Follow him on twitter @guyhatcher or contact him at
Publication date: December 9, 2014