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500 Inmates Are Saved after Texas Megachurch Opens Campus in Maximum Security Prison

  • Kayla Koslosky Former Editor
  • Updated Feb 04, 2019
500 Inmates Are Saved after Texas Megachurch Opens Campus in Maximum Security Prison

Gateway church announced last Sunday that they have opened up a new campus, and it’s at a nearby prison. 

According to Relevant Magazine, Lead pastor Robert Morris for Gateway megachurch in Dallas, Texas, announced during Sunday’s service last week that a new campus had been planted at the Coffield Unit maximum security prison in Anderson County. 

Fox News reports that 650 inmates attended the first Coffield Gateway service in November and since then over 500 men have dedicated their lives to Jesus.

“At Gateway Church, we’re all about people because God is all about people," Morris told Fox News. "Many of the men and women inside prison have been forgotten by society, but we want them to know we love them and God loves them, and they are our brothers and sisters in Christ."

According to Fox News, the Coffield campus is set up to run like any other campus and gives inmates the opportunity to serve. Inmates are tasked with greeting service attendees, being ushers, operating audio and visual equipment, forming a worship team, and staffing the service, the outlet reports.

The campus is pastored by Stephen Wilson who is an ex-offender. After getting out, Wilson turned his life around and went to seminary school which led him to share the gospel in prisons. Wilson told Fox that the plan for this ministry started seven years ago, and now it has finally happened.

"If it wasn't for the ministry of Gateway, we probably wouldn't be experiencing some of the stuff we're experiencing right now," a Coffield Campus member shared.

In a video showing Morris’ announcement of the new campus, Gateway parishioners are seen standing and applauding the ministry. Morris also announced that Gateway is planning to open more prison campuses in the near future.

Photo courtesy: Pixabay

Video courtesy: Gateway Church TV