Pastor Faces Charges for Beating Wife after She Kidnapped an Infant

  • Kayla Koslosky Former Editor
  • Updated Sep 27, 2018
Pastor Faces Charges for Beating Wife after She Kidnapped an Infant

Teacher and Pastor David English is facing domestic violence charges after he beat up his 31-year-old wife who had kidnapped a newborn.

On Friday, Jennifer Bunting English kidnapped an infant she had been babysitting in Laurens County, S.C. According to WYFF, a local news station in South Carolina, the baby’s mother called the police after English failed to return the infant and had stopped communicating with her. 

The baby was found within three hours of the call being made, she was in a home in Joanna County, S.C. with English who was reportedly high on drugs. 

According to the news outlet, English had smoked marijuana in front of the baby. The woman is being charged with kidnapping and unlawful conduct toward a child. 

The baby was immediately brought the hospital to be evaluated. 

English’s husband, David English is also facing charged as he reportedly beat his wife casing “significant injuries” during an argument about her whereabouts on Friday. 

WYFF is reporting that the New Hope Baptist Chruch pastor was both aware of his wife’s drug addiction and complicit in helping her obtain the illegal drugs. 

Deputies arrested David English on Monday and charged him with second-degree domestic violence and unlawful conduct toward a child. 

“This was a terrible incident but, luckily, we found the baby before this turned out to be much more tragic than it already is,” Laurens County Sheriff Don Reynolds said. “Hopefully, this lady will stay behind bars where she can’t put any more children in danger,” he continued.

“As for Mr. English, this guy is a preacher, as well as a teacher in another county. It is very disturbing to think that someone in his position, which makes him a role model to our youth, would assist his wife in purchasing illegal drugs or would assault a woman… We will continue to incarcerate these types of violent offenders and put it in the hands of the prosecution,” he concluded.

Photo courtesy: Pexels/Pixabay