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Top 10 Superhero Movies We Want To See

  • Ryan Duncan Editor
  • 2012 30 Apr
Top 10 Superhero Movies We Want To See

For over a decade Marvel studios has been hinting at the promise of a live action Avengers movie. With the release of each new film, fans would find themselves sitting restlessly through a mountain of movie credits just to glimpse the ten second teaser at the very end. This went on through Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and finally ended with Captain America as the last Avenger to be (pardon the pun) assembled. With the new movie now on our doorstep (Marvel's The Avengers releases wide in theaters on Friday, May 4, 2012) and our geek-o-meter at an all time high, we thought we'd take a moment to compile a list of ten superhero movies we're still holding out for.           

Here are ten super movies we would pay to see.  


10. The Flash (DC Comics)

While he may not be the most popular superhero out there, there's no denying The Flash is still one of a kind. As a member of the Justice League, this crimson crusader has become one of the most recognized faces in DC history, and while other comic brands have attempted to replicate their own versions of the character, there's just no replacing this wise-cracking super-speedster with a heart of gold. 

9. Dr. Strange (Marvel Comics)

Dr. Strange is Marvel Comic's master of all things magical. When he's not performing spells to save fallen heroes or giving advice to The Avengers, this former surgeon passes the time battling monsters from the dark dimension. As if Strange's magical powers weren't already enough, he also carries an impressive arsenal of mystic and weirdly named weapons like the "Eye of Agamotto" and the "Wand of Watoomb". Plus his enchanted lair is called the Sanctum Sanctorum, how cool is that?

8. Captain Marvel (DC Comics)

Long before Superman and Captain America became the poster boys for comics everywhere, there was one hero who dominated the pages of super-lore. Known as the world's "mightiest mortal" Captain Marvel possesses the Strength of Hercules, the Wisdom of Solomon, and the Speed of Mercury. So what's the catch? Captain Marvel is actually a ten year old boy who transforms after saying a magical incantation. Not only does this make grounding him a huge pain, it also leaves the fate of the world in the hands of someone who just graduated 5th grade. Still, it makes for a good movie dynamic, so why not give it a shot?             

7. Black Panther (Marvel Comics)

Black Panther has often been coined "The Batman" of Marvel Comics, and it's easy to see why. He's the warrior king of Wakanda, a secret, technologically advanced Nation in Africa, he's one of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe, and he's also one of the first African characters ever syndicated in comics. Throughout his career as a superhero, Black Panther has been a member of The Avengers, and was recently married to popular X-Men member, Storm. If that's not a good enough reason to get this guy his own movie, we don't know what is.      

6. Robin (DC Comics)

Ok, so maybe Batman's junior partner isn't exciting enough for his own movie, that doesn't mean his absence on the big screen hasn't gone unnoticed. Christopher Nolan revolutionized the world of Batman with his films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and while we certainly aren't complaining, there's always been a small part of us that hoped the boy wonder would eventually make an appearance. After all, the role of sidekick probably wouldn't exist today if not for Robin, that surely must count for something.


5. Madam Mirage (Top Cow/Image Comics)

With DC and Marvel constantly dominating the market, it's rare for another brand to introduce a hero (or heroine) that can actually get your attention. Madame Mirage hails from a world where superpowers were achieved thanks to advanced technology and a little genetic engineering. When things got out of hand though, the government banned all use of super-tech and sentenced everyone in possession of it to prison. The heroes did the noble thing and turned themselves in, while the villains did the smart thing and traded their spandex for the world of big business, a move that didn't sit well with the good Madame. One part master thief, one part vigilant, this cool crime fighter would be right at home on the silver screen.        

4. The Runaways (Marvel Comics)

Marvel's team of super delinquents aren't a very popular bunch, but their origin story is still one of the most entertaining, and one that we can probably see coming to theaters one day. While trying to endure another of their parent's boring parties, six teenagers accidentally discover their parent's are members of The Pride, a secret, super villain organization that rules Los Angeles. With the police squarely in The Pride's pocket and the Fantastic Four not answering their calls, the kids decide there's only one thing to do, steal every piece of super gear that isn't nailed down and make for the hills. These kids are not your average team of superheroes, which of course is what makes them so likable.

3. Aquaman (DC Comics)

Poor Aquaman, his fishy powers have forever doomed him as the butt of superhero jokes everywhere. It's too bad really, because even the casual DC reader knows there's more to Aquaman than his ability to chat-up a pod of dolphins. For starters, this aquatic superhero is a regular member of the Justice League, and if that's not enough he's also the Trident-Wielding-Tail-Kicking-Monarch of the Seven Seas! With the recent launch of DC's New 52 storyline, Aquaman's popularity has been soaring (or, um, swimming) to greater heights than ever before. So now bout we finally give the orange guy a break and get him a movie of his own?      

2. Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Both Batman and Superman have been getting a steady stream of movies for over a decade now, so it's about time the First Lady of DC Comics got her turn in the spotlight. To the uneducated reader Wonder Woman may seem like nothing more than a cheap clone of Superman, but the truth is another matter. Raised by warriors and empowered by the Greek gods, Wonder Woman is a major powerhouse in the DC Universe and one of the first super-heroines ever created. And yeah, her wardrobe does look like something stolen off a parade float, but we're willing to let that slide.         

1. The Justice League (DC Comics)

As thrilled as we are to have an Avengers movie, there's no denying Marvel's team of misfits has always played second fiddle to DC's Justice League. If anything, the new movie has us wondering why a big screen adaption of the famous super team isn't already in the works. The Justice League has been commanding the loyalty of comic nerds everywhere since the days it was still called "The Super Friends", and while the team did receive a few cameo spots on the CW's Smallville it was nothing compared to what could still be possible. So here's to the Justice League, our fingers are crossed and our ears craned for news of a movie. Who knows, with a little luck they may just swoop in to save the day sometime soon.         

*This Article First Published 4/30/2012