Why Did God Make Marriage?

In His Presence: Genesis 2:25

When we read in our passage for today that Adam and Eve were naked before each other, I want us to realize that the word used here means more than physical nakedness. It means they were transparent. They were open to one another. They had become best friends.

Is your wife or your husband your best friend? Is he or she the person you share your total being with? That's important, because the reason God created marriage was so that you and I could experience the Trinity.

What is the Trinity? Three coequal persons who are one. What is marriage? Three persons who become one - a man, a woman, and the Lord. That's marriage. It's a picture of a higher unity, a symbol on earth standing for the reality in heaven. The marriage relationship is the closest we'll get in this life to the oneness and unity of the Trinity.

Will you join me in praying that God will enable us to make our marriages everything He meant them to be … and will you join me in committing yourself to this goal?

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