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Well, if there’s an illustration in the dictionary beside the definition for outrageous, it’s Nancy Pelosi invoking God’s guidance in her bid to remove the President from office. In an address at the Capitol, she “inform[ed] the country that ‘prayerful’ Democrats—following the Founders’ ‘firm reliance on Divine Providence’—will move forward with impeaching President Donald Trump.”

I’m wondering how one can be assured of God’s good, providential guidance in such a move when they themselves admit no actual crimes were committed. They’ve come up with an ingenious, albeit shameful rational for seeking to remove the President: private self-interest. Never mind that something like that is not constitutionally impeachable, nor even provable. We all know they simply want the President gone because he’s not one of them. He’s not in the club. He’s an outsider. He’s not a politician. Ultimately, he’s not part of the neo-con hegemony. And there’s the real rub. He’s a threat to their imperialism. How’s that for irony?

I’m no lover of human government and state power, nor should you be. And that’s one of the reasons why we should support President Trump in this situation. What Pelosi and the Dems are attempting is nothing short of a coup d’etat. It may be without arms, but it’s no less than the attempted overthrow of the U.S. government. To remove a duly elected President is a crime against the Constitution, the nation, and the individuals who voted for him. Betsy McCaughey had this to say: “Impeachment is a vicious crime against voters, who are being robbed of their ability to select any president they want – even an outsider. As Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia lamented, Democrats want to ‘not only impeach the president, they want to impeach every American who voted for him.’”

Even more egregious is the invocation of God. Pelosi went on: “In signing the Declaration of Independence, our Founders invoked a firm reliance on Divine Providence . . . Democrats too are prayerful and we will proceed in a manner worthy of our oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. So help us, God.” She’s saying they prayed about it, received God’s guidance, and proceeded to declare the President an enemy of America. It takes a lot of nerve to call the President an enemy of America, particularly when he’s committed no crime against the country. But it takes even more nerve to say God is with you in that declaration. It’s too bad that nerve is not the test of God’s approval. More often than not, such nerve is just the opposite. May God be merciful to her, and to all of us, in the end.

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I don’t like jumping through other people’s hoops, and I don’t think you should either. I don’t like it, not because I’m a curmudgeon, but because I want to do all that I do for the glory of God, and part of that means understanding the world in which we live, something the Bible refers to as the world, as in the evil world system. We have to live in this world, but that doesn’t mean we have to like the evil part of it nor do we have to embrace it. On the contrary, we’re to transform it, but that’s another issue. 

I don’t like jumping through the world’s hoops in any area, but I especially don’t like jumping through their hoops when it comes to education. And I’m not speaking as someone who doesn’t have an education. I have four earned degrees including two masters and a doctorate. I say that not because I’m proud of it, but because I want you to understand I’m not just throwing apples from the cheap seats. I may throw an apple or two, but it’s cost me a lot to be able do so.

Forbes is out with a piece saying that college may not be for everyone. Many college grads end up earning less income than those who never go to college. In fact, half of all college grads have an average income right out of school of only $28,000 per year. Some real concerns are raised including the fact that persons are strapped for years with heavy debt, in many cases upwards of $200,000. An increasing number of college graduates work in a field different from their degree. In short, more often than not, college has become a great time and money waster.

For Christians, the concerns are even greater. College is a rite-of-passage in American culture. To put it nicely, it’s one long break from reality. The put it accurately, it’s one long drunken orgy with a little bit of study in between. And speaking of study, students take a lot of interesting classes that have nothing to do with fostering one’s ability to earn an income. Beyond that, philosophically speaking, there is no neutrality. Every class, every professor, and every word spoken in those classes by those professors comes from a worldview that is, way more often than not, diametrically opposed to God and a true worldview derived from Him. Christians, and people in general, are forced to take classes that some progressive group deemed to be important – more important than the vast store of knowledge that could be pursued if college were structured differently. Those are the referenced hoops. No hoop jumping, and no degree.

Of course, while that degree might be necessary in some fields, and important in others, it’s not as important in many fields as it once was. With the advent of innovative business models, the demand for different lifestyles than previous generations, and new modes of education, an increasing number of people don’t need to go to college. The truth is, for the reasons outlined here, and a wealth of others, most of us really shouldn’t go to college, and that goes double for the saints.

How ‘bout them apples?

Dr. Dean and Christi Johnson invite you to learn more about God, His world, and yourself. Listen to their podcast, True Worldview, and find other helpful resources there as well.

So, here’s just a little something extra on racism, privilege, and power. Critical Theory is all the rage today; it sounds so compassionate, so equitable, and so plausible. Oppressor groups have indeed oppressed oppressed groups. Of course, the leap from that fact to the notion that all persons in majority groups are racist -- or whatever evil du jour -- simply because they are members of the majority group is, in a word, oppressive.

It’s fair to say that God hates racism, and therefore Christians should too. All persons are created in the image of God and have essential worth, dignity, and honor. Slavery, hatred, making fun of, and numerous other forms of demeaning persons because of their race or orientation is not only an attack on those persons, but an attack on God Himself. I trust you see the logic I’m putting forth. An attack on a human being is an attack on the image of God in that human being and therefore is, in some sense, an attack on God.

But here’s the rub: just because someone calls something racist doesn’t mean it’s so. I actually went to a Hispanic Appreciation Dance at a local college and danced to a number of Hispanic tunes. Not one of the Hispanics there accused me of cultural appropriation. They seemed to appreciate the fact that I was at the appreciation dance to appreciate them. Yet, despite the sensibleness of all that mutual appreciation, there are those who would disagree. But let’s not kid ourselves; the world sees and defines all kinds of things differently than God does. While God grants the liberty to a same-sex couple to call themselves married, they in fact are not married regardless of what they, the culture, or the state says. God is the one who defines marriage. And God is the one who defines racism, not the academy.

Indeed, there are those who are privileged for one reason or another. God is ultimately in charge of that. And with privilege often comes power. It’s our responsibility to use that privilege and power the way God would have us to. He’s our authority, not the culture. Our mandate is to glorify God and do good unto others. If we do that, we might get accused of cultural appropriation from time to time, but in God’s estimation, we’ll be serving in a way that’s culturally appropriate.

Dr. Dean and Christi Johnson invite you to learn more about God, His world, and yourself. Listen to their podcast, True Worldview, and find other helpful resources there as well.