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Amanda Casanova

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A psychiatry professor at Johns Hopkins University says children should not be allowed to medically change their genders because the treatments are similar to a “frontal lobotomies.”

“[Doctors] don’t have evidence that [the treatment] will be the right one,” said Dr. Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. “Many people are doing what amounts to an experiment on these young people without telling them it’s an experiment," CBN News reports.

“You need evidence for that, and this is a very serious treatment. It is comparable to doing frontal lobotomies.”

McHugh said there could be longterm negative impacts in using the hormonal treatments used for gender transitions, which McHugh says are “reckless and irresponsible.”

McHugh said he believes that children struggling with gender dysphoria are likely dealing with mental health issues or “being driven by psychological and psychosocial problems.”

“I think their mental problems, often depression, discouragement, are the things that need treatment,” he said. “I’m not positive about this. It’s a hypothesis, but it is a very plausible hypothesis, and it would explain why many of the people who go on to have treatment of their body discover they are just as depressed, discouraged, and live just as problematic lives as they did before, because they did not address the primary problem.”

It’s also possible that children who transitioned early in life may “be in the hands of doctors for the rest of their lives,” he added.

McHugh warns that many trans-identifying young people may be “sterilized and not able to have their own children,” noting that he believes, “many will regret this.”

“Can you imagine having a life where you need to seek doctors all the time, for everything, just to live?” McHugh continued. “Getting your hormones checked, getting everything checked. That is something doctors should like to spare people of.”

Photo courtesy: Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash

Parts of Texas are underwater as Tropical Depression Imelda dropped more than 40 inches of rain in some counties around the Houston area.

The storm moved into the area on Tuesday with gusts of wind up to 50 mph. 

On Thursday evening, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Twitter that he had declared a state of emergency in 13 counties so that counties could have access to state resources.

According to ABC News, at least two people have been killed as a result of the flooding. One man, 19-year-old Hunter Morrison, was “electrocuted and drowned” while trying to move his horse during a thunderstorm, the Jefferson County sheriff’s office reports. 

Another man from Harris County reportedly died after he drove his van into floodwaters, and it became submerged. 

The Huston Fire Department also responded to a building collapse. According to a statement on the HFD Twitter, “The flat roof of a post office facility mail distribution area collapsed. The building was occupied at the time, but everyone made it out.” Three people were reportedly transferred to nearby hospitals with minor injuries. 

Reportedly more than 900 flights in and out of Texas have been canceled and all Metro Houston public transportation has been shut down.

According to USA Today, as of late Thursday, more than 1,700 combined rescues and evacuations have been carried out in Harris County. Harris County includes the city of Houston. The county’s total population is 4.7 million people.

The rain, which has been falling for three days, is expected to continue into Friday afternoon. Reportedly, up to four more inches of rain are expected to drop in some areas already heavily affected by the downpour. 

According to ABC News, since Tuesday, more than 33 inches of rain have fallen on the town of Hamshire, Texas. Jefferson County, Texas has seen at least 43.1 inches of rain, the National Weather Service found. 

The storm is expected to drift North throughout the day on Friday.

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Thomas B. Shea/Stringer

A pastor who ministered in Eritrea said in an interview that he was tortured, starved and forced to do hard labor while he was imprisoned in the country.

The pastor, who is called “Gabriel,” told the Barnabas Fund that he was jailed several times while working in Eritrea, the Christian Post reports. The country is ranked as the seventh most hostile country in the world for Christians, according to Open Doors USA.

Gabriel was first jailed in 1998 for about a month along with other church members. His second time, he was imprisoned for three years even though his sentencing was only for six months. He says he was kept longer because he is a Christian pastor. He fled the country after his release.

“Sometimes you dispute with God, why you let me go through this hardship?” Gabriel was quoted as saying. “But when you start reading the Bible, when you pray devotion daily, automatically your mind clicks, you are in the main way – the way you are supposed to go.”

He said once he was tied up and hit in the head with a stick for about an hour. Another time he was locked inside a metal shipping container for two weeks in solitary confinement.

He said prisoners were only given a small amount of food every 18 hours and they were forced to collect and to carry stones that would be used in construction work.

“Sometimes you break the stones with a heavy hammer. You hear a sound here, in your back, because everyone has malnutrition,” Gabriel recalled.  “The guards discriminated against Christian believers, refusing them medical treatment if they fell sick.”

During his imprisonment, a nurse told him to reject his Christian beliefs so the beatings would stop. The nurse suggested that Gabriel could later continue his Christian faith once he was out of jail.

Gabriel refused.

He also said the Christian prisoners divided a Bible up so each could have Scripture with them. Gabriel’s part was the book of Revelation.

Photo courtesy: Pixabay