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A Daily Word - Dec. 12, 2010

  • 2010 Dec 12


David hungered for time alone with God. He looked forward to it the way we look forward to being with a beloved. When my oldest son was dating his wife-to-be, he would come in late and say, "Dad, I didn't know how late it was. The time just flew." That's the way it is with lovers. They want to be together and are never ready to part. Can you imagine a boy saying to his girl, "I would've come to pick you up sooner, but the evening news was on."? Neither can I. Lovers make time to be together.

Not only do those who are in love want to be together, they also find ways to communicate when they are apart. They'll write letters, or call, or send electronic mail…anything to stay in touch. Now let me ask you a question or two. Do you love God? Really love Him? Then do you make time to be alone with Him? Does that time drag, or does it seem to fly? Do you love to talk to Him, and listen carefully for His voice? When you pick up the Bible, which is God's love letter to you, do you hang on every word because you adore its Author?

If we say we love God but do not yearn to be with Him, maybe our love is not as strong as we think. Because you see, it's impossible to love God and not delight in time spent with Him, time spent reading His word, or listening for His voice. Make time for Him today.


As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my sould pants for Thee, O God.
PSALM 42:1


Genesis 14; John 8 

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