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A Word with You - Aug. 15, 2011

  • 2011 Aug 15


The Witness Protection Program

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You know, it's kind of dangerous being in organized crime. Oh, I don't know that myself, but well they have this federal government's Witness Protection Program. It used to be very hard to get people to testify in organized crime cases for a very good reason. They knew it could cost them their lives. Today they know that the government will, through the Witness Protection Program, set them up with a whole new identity, in a whole new location, and they can live out the rest of their lives safely.

Now, recently I was with a man who was deeply involved in leadership in this program. I said, "Did you ever lose one?" He said, "Well, we have never lost one person who stayed within the rules of the Witness Protection Program." They give them certain rules regarding family contacts, financial dealings, and how to handle all those things. I said, "Well, what about some who didn't stay within the rules?" He said, "Some of them are dead." Well, no witness ever needs to get hurt, I guess if they just stay within the rules.

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