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A Word with You - August 30, 2019

  • 2019 Aug 30


More Than Shamrocks

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When St. Patrick's Day rolled around, I realized I'd lost my shamrock tie, and I was bummed. Of course, everybody else was thrilled. Oh, yeah, yeah I always used to love wearing it for St. Patrick's Day every year to celebrate the part of me that's Irish. In spite of the fact that people insensitively described the color of that tie as "barf green." It just doesn't seem that anyone is missing it but me.

I'm not sure what old St. Pat would have made of the holiday named for him anyway. I mean, pouring green dye into the Chicago River and parades full of green-dressed celebrants. I do know that Patrick, who's pretty much obscured by the festivities, was quite a guy with quite a story.

His first trip to Ireland wasn't his choice. He was 14 and he got kidnapped and carried off to Ireland where he became a sheep-tendin', pig-sloppin' slave. But while he was there, he finally realized that Jesus died to forgive his sins, and he put his trust in Him to do just that. Well, Patrick finally escaped and got back home to Britain where he presumably, swore he'd never wear anything green!

But his second trip was his choice; a choice that should give a lot of us something to think about.

atness that he could have never imagined any other way. Now, it may be that the hard place you're in right now is where you will finally find what you've spent your whole life looking for - that love relationship with Jesus Christ, who loved you enough to die for you and was powerful enough to walk out of His grave.

He's ready to walk into your life today. If you want to know how to get started with Him, I encourage you to go to our website, YoursForLife.net. Step into God's great plan for your life.

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