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A Word with You - Jan. 17, 2012

  • 2012 Jan 17


Fighting the Right Enemy

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We've always been big Winnie the Pooh fans at our house. Our kids always enjoyed having that read to them, and now they read it to their own kids. Now, there is one scene from Winnie the Pooh that I really remember.

You know, I'm really big into classical literature like this, and I remember when Winnie the Pooh was trying to pursue an animal he called the "Heffalump." He saw his tracks in the snow, and so he started to pursue the "Heffalump." He went around this tree, and then around this bush, and came back around again, and he said, "Oh, look at these tracks. I think this is where he is." And he went, well, several times he made a circle around that tree and that bush, continually hoping he would find the "Heffalump," and taking quite a while to realize that he was actually following himself and there was no "Heffalump" to follow.

I remember a classic from the comic strip Pogo some years ago where one of the characters says, "We have found the enemy and they is us!" You know, I actually believe the single greatest tool that the devil tries to use against God's work is often following that very same line of thinking, "We have found the enemy, and they is us." Wouldn't it be something to realize that we are actually helping the enemy use his greatest weapon against God's work?

st, and you've been wasting ammunition on them. Somebody said, "Christians are the only army on earth that form their firing squads in a circle." Maybe the devil has succeeded in getting you to start to criticize and waste ammunition on another church, or another denomination, or another Christian movement, or an organization, or on a brother or sister in Christ.

Listen, save your ammunition for the enemy and fight side-by-side with your brother.

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