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A Word with You - Mar. 11, 2011

  • 2011 Mar 11

Target Fixation

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I was speaking in a city out west, and went back to my hotel room and I flipped on the evening news. And I saw the most incredible police chase I think I've ever seen recorded on a camera. It just so happened that after a burglar robbed a local savings and loan that the news helicopter happened to catch sight of him. And as the police were pursuing him, the helicopter was overhead filming this. It was almost like a TV show, but it wasn't fiction; it was really happening.

Well, this burglar literally ran over and killed a local policeman who tried to stop him. Finally the chopper came in. He began to hover right in front of the vehicle of that burglar. And as he came across the parking lot, he wouldn't let him go any further. It's a pretty daring thing to do! Well, then the police were able to catch up with the burglar. There was a gun fight, and actually the burglar was killed. But what happened to the pilot? Well, he really was the hero.

"The cameraman pointed out to me that we didn't have very much fuel. And you know what? We also might get shot at." Well, the pilot said, "You know, all of a sudden I didn't care." He said, "I wasn't thinking about the fuel. I wasn't thinking about the danger. I think something took over that they taught us about in flight training in Vietnam." He said, "It's called target fixation."

ple. Now, you may be busy for the Lord, but forgetting the lost. They're who He came to seek and save.

How about you? Point the rest of your life toward the people who are in the darkness, outside of Christ. And no matter what the risks, live your life for the Lord and for the lost. You are a pilot on a combat mission. You've got target fixation, and the target is all that matters.

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