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A Word with You - May 26, 2011

  • 2011 May 26


No Amount of Watering

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Okay, I'm pretty much a village idiot when it comes to taking care of growing things, I admit that. I have to be careful laughing therefore; at what a cousin of ours did. Oh, it was a nice thing. His wife was gone for a couple of weeks; he volunteered to take care of some of the household jobs she was leaving behind. Including watering her plants. Which he did. Including this good-sized ficus plant. Now, I don't what that is, but I can still tell the story, right. He watered it faithfully every day, and he proudly reported that to his wife when she got home. That's when he learned a revealing fact about that ficus plant - it wasn't real. He had been faithfully watering a lifeless plant.

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