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A Word with You - November 11, 2019

  • 2019 Nov 11


The Trumpet On the Wall

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Did you ever do the bumper cars at the carnival? Our family loves bumper cars! When you first get in the bumper car, you start at approximately the same place. But when you step on the pedal, you take off in about ten different directions and occasionally bump into each other. That was a description of our family when we were all still living under one roof. A description of yours maybe, too? You know, a bumper car family! See, you start out at the same place in the morning, you step on the gas pedal, and off we would go in five different directions, and every once in a while we would just happen to bump into each other.

In our world today it is so easy to let families just fly apart. And as the kids get older and mom and dad get busier and busier and we need to work more to keep up our standard of living, a lot of times there's less and less time spent together. Without even knowing it, sometimes your family - my family - becomes a group of strangers. And then later on we look back with regret and we say, "If only I could have those years back. Why didn't we spend more time together?" See, every family needs to be together, but it actually takes someone to blow the trumpet to make it happen.

Now, biblically, this should be dad. In a single-parent family it may have to be mom. But certainly everyone in the family should come when the trumpet is blown. Dinner together, pre-committed days together, family devotions, vacation, prayer time. Don't let your family be every man/every woman for himself or herself. Bring them together! Remember, every family needs that trumpet.

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