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A Word with You - November 26, 2019

  • 2019 Nov 26


The Cure For Over-Feeding

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Now, it's hard to lose weight; I know that very well. But the real trick in weight loss is keeping the weight off. Years ago I dropped about 55 pounds. Oh, I didn't drop it; I mean, it went away thankfully a little bit at a time. I found out that it is possible to hang around the level of where you got your weight loss to. Of course, you can't eat grapefruit all the time, or celery, or diet bars for the rest of your life. No. That's the way a lot of people regain what they lost. No, what you've got to do is to learn new ways of eating that fit your metabolism. I call it making friends with your metabolism.

One challenge for me in keeping that weight off is when it's vacation or a holiday time, because, "Hey, I have a fun mentality and I don't really want to watch what I'm eating." So I want to eat lots of fun food. In fact, I want to eat more food during those times. And so my calorie intake jumps up during my time off. Well, man, I'd be back up to that 210 if I didn't make an important adjustment when I'm eating more. Suddenly I'm working more, biking more, playing ball more, fervently hoping as I'm doing that that I'm losing more calories somewhere in the process. Okay, very simple: when you eat more, you've got to exercise more.

Secondly, you look for a personal mission; something on your heart that has broken God's heart, and you've allowed Him to break your heart with it. You've got to have a mission, a piece of the action, a place where you're doing Kingdom business; where you throw money, and time, and sacrifice into it.

See, obedience and mission burn up spiritual calories. God doesn't feed you to make you fat; He feeds you to make you active; to give you energy for doing the things that advance His Kingdom.

We are "over-feeded", but we can balance that intake by leaving the table and going out daily to run a race for Jesus Christ.

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