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A Word with You - Oct. 25, 2012

  • 2012 Oct 25


You're Not All There

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The five members of the Hutchcraft family have the same last name, of course, you know except for our married daughter, but that's pretty much where the sameness ends. And I think it's good we're different.

When we needed an emotional lift, for example, well we've always had our oldest son there with his sense of humor. If we needed a physical lift, he was there with his very well developed physical strength. When we needed a job done or something fixed, oh, go to our youngest son. He has sort of had the helping hands and the figure-it-out mind in the family. And when it comes to greeting people or talking with people, or giving guidance, well our daughter was always there with her great people gifts. And, Mom was always there with her common sense. Thank the Lord for my sake! We need that, and she's got this great "drop everything for you" attitude.

I guess every family's like that. You have the same name, but you've got different styles; you make different contributions. That includes God's family. And some of the family who are the most different from you, guess what? They're the ones you need the most.

u will open up to the rest of the family, you're going to be really rich! Let different Christians challenge you, and balance you, complete you. There is no family member in God's family that you don't need and who doesn't need you, because we're just not all there.

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