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Abiding Above - July 17, 2015

  • 2015 Jul 17


America And The Bible-Part 5

July 17, 2015


We are told today, that we cannot look to the Bible for direction because the Bible is filled with hate speech.  My friend, this Bible, God’s Word, speaks the truth about every aspect of life. It always has and it always will. Today, we are living in a nation with leaders who came to us through a secular educational system who really believe that the Bible has nothing to do with the foundation of our nation. They are totally deceived; they are in total deception and darkness. The picture of Moses, not Mohammad or any other was upon the first coin that was made in America. Today, we still have on our money the grand old words, “In God We Trust.” My friend, when the picture of Moses was put on our first coins and these words were stamped on our coins it was because it was talking about the God of the Bible, not the god of Koran or any other book.  We must learn from history and we must not rewrite history.

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