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Abiding Above - July 18, 2014

  • 2014 Jul 18

The Believer’s Consecration Of The Christ Life-Part 9

July 18, 2014


When we have a divided loyalty we will follow God at a guilty distance. This is hurting us because it drains us physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and it hurts our relationships with family and friends. When we are not all out for God, it is going to affect the influence and inspiration that we can have in the lives of other people in our sphere of influence. When we live lives of divided loyalties, we not only hurt ourselves we hurt others, we are continually choking other people with ourselves instead of influencing them in the things of God. You see, having a divided loyalty is a choice we make and it is hurting us, and those around us, and it is hurting our own personal testimony. We are made up spirit, soul, and body, and if the spirit is not right, the soul is not right, and then the body is not right. One affects the other. My friend, was there once a time in your life when there was no question who was in control of your life? Jesus was absolutely Lord because you had made a decision to go one-way and that way was with God and there was no division, but now the years have passed and you are pulled in two directions…partly for God and partly for this world’s system; a divided loyalty. What is the idol that has come between you and the Lord? 

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