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The Power of Prayer - Abiding Above - July 1

  • 2019 Jul 01

The Power Of Prayer

July 1

1 Thessalonians 5:17“pray without ceasing.”

Prayer keeps us from losing heart. This is why prayer is essential. Sometimes we assume that we pray more than we really do. The child of God is to live in constant communion with the Lord Jesus Christ in the person of the Holy Spirit. To live in constant communion with God is not impossible. Prayer is not always going into a closet, prayer is not always being on your knees, and prayer is not always with your hands up in the air, and prayer is not a work.

It is not hard work to pray, and if you think that it is you have a wrong view of prayer. My friend, prayer is simply talking with God. Constant communion with God is absolutely possible. God has made us so that we can continually turn our thoughts to Him and walk in an attitude of prayer. Prayer is a privilege and a benefit of being a child of God. Prayer ushers in the mighty workings of an Almighty God, and my friend, we need to pray without ceasing.

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