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Abiding Above - March 27, 2014

  • 2014 Mar 27

Steps To A New Start-Part 8

March 27, 2014


A lot of people secretly doubt their salvation. They work hard at their relationship with God and they try to prove to other people that they are serious about the Christian life. They think if they are hard on themselves this will get them acceptance from God. This is rooted in pride. 

My friend, when you are like this you cannot walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, trying hard to get God’s acceptance. God’s acceptance of you is not based on what you do, it is based on what Jesus Christ did on the cross…period! Until you see this you cannot be a soul winner, you cannot be a teacher, or a counselor who is effective because you are putting people under bondage. We are forgiven by God based on the blood of Jesus Christ, and no matter how hard you make things on yourself; your standing in Christ Jesus is already complete before you do all those things. The wise thing to do is to enjoy it and walk in it, and thank Him for it, and spread it around and share it with other people.

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