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Cross the Bridge - September 14, 2013

  • 2013 Sep 14

Temporary Battles - Saturday, September 14th 2013

Ezra 4:5-6

"They bribed agents to work against them and to frustrate their plans. This went on during the entire reign of King Cyrus of Persia and lasted until King Darius of Persia took the throne. Years later when Xerxes began his reign, the enemies of Judah wrote a letter of accusation against the people of Judah and Jerusalem."

In Ezra 4, we find Israel in the midst of rebuilding the Temple. Yet while they were in the middle of this glorious project, their enemies began making things hard for them. Often in the middle of those battles in life, we begin believing that they will remain forever, that they will never end. My friend, that is a lie. When you think that or believe that, you start to think, "Well, I have to do something!" You begin considering bailing on the situation, leaving the battle or quitting the fight. The reality is that often the temptation to run is worse right before the breakthrough.

Whether the battle is found in your marriage, your work place or even your church; trust the Lord and hold on tight. If there is nothing unbiblical happening and no physical threat, then trust the Lord and remain in the fight. Too often, we can run from a church or family problem because we think it's too much trouble to deal with, but friend, there is a blessing in persevering to the end. Remember, the battles may come in life, but they are always temporary.

Life Lesson: Always remember that battles are seasonal or temporary, meaning they do not last forever.

Dear God,
I'm sorry for those times I have run from battles without fully seeking Your will. Help me to persevere through the difficult times so that I may experience the blessings of victory and rest at the other end. Fill me with Your Spirit so that I can be fully equipped to remain faithful to You and Your Word. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Living to tell what He died to say,
Pastor David McGee
Cross the Bridge

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