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What I Learn from the Unity of the Trinity - Daughters of Promise - May 6

  • 2022 May 06

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When He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth.   He will not speak on His own.   John 16:13

Look, one person of the Trinity is teaching us about Himself.  He says that the Trinity, though three distinct parts of God, acts in perfect unity.   No one who experiences the Spirit will come away feeling differently than if he experienced Jesus or His Father.   What one of them feels and what each of them believes are all consistent within the person of God.

Not so with us.  The Fall in the Garden fractured the internal world of humanity and we’ve been divided ever since.  Because we’re fractured, we’re inconsistent and unstable and we don’t always recognize it. Without the help of the Spirit, we will fail to really know ourselves.   Who we think we are is often radically different from what we portray to others.  They experience our inconsistencies and it’s usually painful for them.  I can say one thing but convey another.  My words don’t match my face.  I have chuckled at family vignettes in which a parent says to a child, “I can see that you’re angry.”  He replies, “I’m not angry!” but his yelling and his cherry red face betray him.

Growing into the image of Christ is all about allowing the Spirit of God to show me where I am sinfully divided.  It is giving Him permission to bring every corner of my soul into the light of His grace and then asking Him to change each part so I may also live in unity.  As I come to know firsthand the beautiful ways the Trinity works together, the ways they complement each other, and as I appreciate God for always being the same, for always being stable, I will covet that for myself. I will desire for others to experience me that way.

Self-disclosure empowered by the Spirit can be painful but the rugged introspection pays off.  No longer will I say one thing but do another.  I will live in peace and harmony within myself and with the God who lovingly created me to bear His image, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Work in me, O Spirit, to make me unified with Your Spirit internally.  Graft me into Your perfection through sanctification.  Amen

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