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Just Like Adam - Dave's Daily Dev - October 29

  • 2018 Oct 29


Just Like Adam   

Hosea 6:7

Good stories don’t reveal the whole plot in the opening scenes, but they do reveal the structure of the plot and give you a hint about the ending. 

In the Scripture, God tells the most important story of all and the Adam and Eve story is right at the beginning. God creates them, puts them in a gorgeous environment, and tells them they can eat all the fruit except the fruit from one tree. What do they do even before they make love and start to be fruitful and multiply?  

Their disobedience is an act of treason against the King of the Universe, and Hosea tells his people in the 8thcentury, they’re just like Adam. What about you? What about me? 

“Like Adam they have broken the covenant—there in the Promised Land they have acted treacherously toward me.” Hosea 6:7

Israel has acted just like Adam in the beginning of God’s Story in Genesis, breaking their covenant and acting treacherously.  

LORD, help me to remember the Adam story again and admit how I am his son. Thanks that in the beginning with Adam and Eve, the treachery in Hosea’s day, and the disobedience flowing from my core doesn’t catch you by surprise. I’m so thankful that Jesus, the New Adam, died to forgive all our treachery if we only admit the truth and ask him to give us a new life.  

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