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Total Surveillance - Dave's Daily Dev - October 31

  • 2018 Oct 31


Total Surveillance              

Hosea 6:11b-7:2

Years ago a good friend was one of the Dallas Police Department’s helicopter pilots. “Dave, you need to come up to the airport and let me take you for a ride. It will help you as my pastor to get a real life exposure to what I do.” This was back before all the restrictions prohibiting civilians from riding in squad cars, or in this case a police helicopter. He belted me in behind him, rose vertically off the pad, and started out showing me how he checked on traffic and his other usual routine. Then the call came that some warehouses had been burglarized and the police on the ground needed surveillance overhead. 

As we hovered over the area, my friend instructed the officers on the ground. “The suspect just left building A and is running to building B. No, he stopped and is in the space between the buildings on the northeast corner.” The thief had no place to hide and quickly, the officers on the ground apprehended him. 

Hosea has already accused Israel of lying and stealing (Hosea 4:2). He returns to this accusation and God, himself, states that he’s got their every move under surveillance. 

“Whenever I would bring about the return of my people, 

Whenever I would bring healing to Israel, 

Ephraim’s wickedness and Samaria’s evil is exposed. 

They practice deceit. 

Thieves enter and marauders plunder in the streets, 

But they do not say in their hearts that I remember all their evil. 

Now they are surrounded by their deeds. 

Now I’m face to face with all their evil actions.”   Hosea 6:11b-7:2

LORD, help me to always recognize that it’s impossible to lie or to hide from you. Your constant presence in my life is a great comfort because you are there to protect and to guide me, but help me to also realize that you’re face to face when I’m tempted to be deceitful in anyway. 

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