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Jesus in Custody - Dave's Daily Devo - August 16

  • 2018 Aug 16


Jesus In Custody

Acts 24:22-23

A few weeks ago at the Premier Design Rally I got to grab lunch with Burl Cain, the former warden of the largest maximum security prison in the U.S, the Louisiana State Penitentiary. He’s a committed believer and while at Angola he established a branch of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in the prison so that the eight churches there would have qualified leaders from among the inmates to serve and when transferred they could serve as chaplains in facilities around the state.    

Warden Cain stepped down in 2016 after serving at Angola for twenty-one years, but at 76 he’s still going strong, excited about giving birth to prison seminaries around the country. At the Premier Rally when he shared with the men, he showed inmates graduating from the first prison seminary in Texas, a branch of Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. We watched inmates in the maximum security Darrington Prison don caps and gowns to receive their degrees.

Jesus is still powerful in the prisons like he was when the Apostle Paul was held in custody for two years in Caesarea. Unlike the inmates from Angola and Darrington, however, Paul was not a felon. He was completely innocent but still in prison. And the Lord made it possible for his believing friends to come visit and meet his needs.

“Then Felix, the Roman governor who was well-informed about The Way, adjourned the hearing, saying, ‘Whenever Lysias, the tribune, comes, I will make a judgment on the charges brought against you..’ He instructed the centurion to keep Paul under guard, but to give him some freedom and to do nothing to hinder his friends from meeting his needs.” Acts 24:22-23

LORD, help me to remember that there are still prisoners like Martin Luther King, who are imprisoned not for crimes but for their commitment to freedom. Set free the Americans who are being held in North Korean jails and, until they are set free, move those in contact with them to provide help.

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