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Dave's Daily Devo - January 16

  • 2017 Jan 16

God Remembers Names

Luke 3:37-38


Yesterday I preached at Agape Community Fellowship in Fort Worth. Colonel Nathan Powell and his wife, Lenore, were celebrating their thirteenth anniversary pastoring this church family that was birthed in their home. Nate wanted me to preach on Genesis 32:22-32 on “How to Wrestle with God and Win.”  Now I can still remember the details of the life of Jacob as recorded in Genesis, but as I shook hands in his church family where I have preached before, I found myself struggling to remember names.  Our Heavenly Father never struggles with names. The genealogies in the Bible prove it, and right before Dr. Luke presents his description of Jesus vs. Satan in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-13), he traces Jesus’ roots all the way back to the beginning of God’s Story in Genesis. He writes,

“The son of Methuselah (the man who lived the longest), the son of Enoch (the man who walked with God and was not because God took him), the son of Jared, the son of Mahaleleel, the son of Cainan, the son of Enosh (the man who began to call on the LORD), the son of Seth (the man who renewed the ‘seed of the woman’ after the murder of Abel), the son of Adam, the son of God.” - Luke 3:37-38

I sketched out for you how God’s Story fills in details for some of the names in the list. He doesn’t tell us the story of Jared, Mahaleleel, or Cainan in the text, but He records their names. Before we feel too badly about not having the details of their lives, I would say they did all right. They’re in the Messianic Line. I’m thankful today that though the details of my own life will be quickly forgotten, because I’ve trusted in Jesus, God will never forget my name.

LORD, thank you for each precious believer who welcomed Mary and me so warmly back to Agape Fellowship. Thank you that you not only know each of their names, but every detail of their lives. Continue to pour life into this church and provide the land they need so they can get out of their store front into their own building.

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