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Refusing To Repent - Dave's Daily Devo - January 17

  • 2019 Jan 17


Refusing To Repent

Hosea 11:5- 7 

One of the toughest moments in a dad’s life is when the son he taught to walk, held in his arms through childhood sore throats and flu, and guided through the push and pull of high school reaches that moment when it’s time to leave home. “Dad, I’ve got to live my own way. I appreciate all the God, Jesus, and Bible stuff. It works for you, but to be honest, even with a lot of my friends at church, we’ve not exactly been following biblical principles. I feel alive when I’m running with my friends, and sex, when you’re a little drunk or high, is not so bad. I know this hurts, but at least you raised a kid who levels with you.” 

Most prodigal kids don’t level with their dad. They lie and pretend, and what’s really confusing is that many of them seem to get along just fine. There can be long stretches when rejecting God and his Word works great. That’s why I’ve found it smart to listen carefully to the prodigal story God tells in Hosea 11.  

So far in Hosea 11 we’ve seen God tenderly raising his son, Israel, but we’ve also seen how from his earliest years his son walked his own way. In the Jewish Scriptures again and again the Lord tries to get his people to listen. At times they seem to respond, but then it all proves to be a lie. Where does their rebellion take them? 

“Will they not return to the land of Egypt?

Will not the King of Assyrian be his king because they refused to return? 

A sword will flash in their cities. 

It will finish off their strong warriors. 

It will devour their self -designed strategies. 

My people are intent on turning away from me. 

They call to their ‘high one.’ 

Together with their false god, they will not be lifted up.  Hosea 11:5-7

As the Assyrians besieged Samaria, Hosea did see refugees flee to Egypt where they were enslaved and many lost their lives. When all their plans failed, and Israel’s warriors were defeated, God’s chosen people did become subjects of the Assyrian king. Hosea even describes how they call out to their god, the force, or whatever Supreme Being they believed in. Sadly, the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ had heard enough lies. He had left his people to face the consequences of their own decisions. In 722 BC the sword did dance in the streets of Bethel, and Israel was defeated—end of story?

LORD, hardened, deceitful rebellion doesn’t soften until all the prideful schemes yield tough results. I pray for prodigals I know who are still in the ‘let the good times roll’ phase. Please help them to wake up before the hard blows of reality strike. 

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