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Lies And Broken Promises - Dave's Daily Devo - January 23

  • 2019 Jan 23


Lies And BrokenPromises 

Hosea 11:12-12:1

Years ago when I worked as a counselor at Word of Life Ranch, Craig, one of my fellow counselors was tall, blond, and handsome, and he used his looks to attract the girls. In fact, during the week on his off time at the Ranch he hung out with one girl and then on his day off he went nine miles north to Word of Life Island and hung out with another girl up there. After observing this for a few weeks, one of my friends came to me with a solution. “Wyrtzen, we all know how this guy is a two timer. He’s deceiving both of these girls and we should defend our sisters. I’ve got an idea.” 

The next Thursday Craig was sitting on a leather couch with his Ranch girlfriend. Suddenly, two big guys grabbed him, lifted him up, and carried him over to the other side of the gym. With the two guys pinning him in a chair, I took some barber clippers and gave him a Mohican—all his blond hair on the sides fell to the floor and I left a bushy squirrel- like tail down the center of his head. Be sure your lies and deceitful promises will find you out. 

It’s one thing when a guy is lying to two girls, but it’s another thing when a nation is lying to the two super powers of their day. 

“Ephraim has surrounded me with lies, the House of Israel with deceit. Judah, however, still roams freely with God even with the Holy One, the One you can depend on. Ephraim feeds on wind and pursues the east wind all day. Lies and violence he multiplies. He cuts a treaty with Assyria and then sends olive oil to Egypt.” Hosea 11:12-12:1

Hosea began the LORD’s lawsuit against Israel accusing them of lying and murder (Hosea 4:2). He accused them of being like silly doves who flew back and forth between Egypt and Assyria (Hosea 7:11). God has already declared that the people of the Northern Kingdom are going to end up dispersed to both Egypt and Assyria (Hosea 11:5). In Hosea’s account governing officials strongly believe that the way of success in the world is to lie, but they didn’t consider who actually decides how a foreign policy turns out. 

Whether it’s in dating, in business, in government, or in church, God isn’t on the side of the liars and those who use the threat of violence to get their way.. 

LORD, I pray especially for friends today who are serving in government where the temptation to lie or to bully can be intense. Use the historical example of Israel to warn all of us against thinking that these techniques bring peace and prosperity in the end. Help me follow the example of Hezekiah and Judah who at this same period kept walking with you and trusting that you would prove to be dependable. 

(To complete my story—after shaving Craig’s head my friends asked me if they could have a look at my clippers. Ten minutes later my hair was all over the floor too.)

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