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Dave's Daily Devo - July 26

  • 2016 Jul 26

What a Worship Leader!

Psalm 135


The worship leader was world class or should I say heavenly class. He started our worship inviting us to join him in praising the LORD. In fact he repeated his joyous invitation three times. When the congregation asked, “Why?”, he responded with reminders of the Lord’s goodness, His incomparability, and His sovereign rule over the universe, even pointing out that the LORD controls the weather. And He was only getting started. He continued in his song to take us to God’s victory over Pharaoh in Egypt, to His defeat of mighty kings at the end of the wilderness wanderings, to a summary statement about Joshua’s victories over the Canaanites. He then climaxed our praise by declaring that the LORD’s name will be remembered forever and that unlike gods of gold and silver, our God speaks, hears, and gives the breath of life. Then he closed our worship back where we began, only this time he singled out four groups in the congregation and challenged each of them to shout out “Hallelujah” and then added two more Hallelujah’s as an exclamation point.

Of course you’ve guessed. This worship leader is the writer of Psalm 135. Carefully read the psalm for yourself and see if you can pick out all the parts of the worship service mentioned.

This is the kind of authentic, biblical, Yahweh praising, worship leader the Holy Spirit generated under the Old Covenant. I’m asking Him to generate and encourage even greater worship leaders than this unnamed saint who wrote one of the lyrics in Book V of Israel’s hymnbook.

LORD, powerfully encourage all those You have gifted in our churches to lead us to praise. As a Bible teacher, I’ll be out of a job when You rule in the Eternal City, but those who make it their life to sing and praise YOU, they’ve got a job that lasts forever.

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